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The vast technological chasm between humanity and potential extraterrestrial civilizations capable of traversing the cosmos via UFOs implies an incredible level of advancement. It's highly improbable that these beings, equipped with such advanced capabilities, would encounter errors leading to crashes. The precision and control needed for intergalactic travel would presumably surpass any conceivable malfunction.

UFOs, having surmounted the immense challenges of interstellar travel, should boast highly sophisticated systems for navigation, propulsion, and defense against potential hazards. This strongly suggests that the likelihood of a catastrophic failure leading to a crash is virtually nonexistent.

Moreover, if UFOs have the capacity to reach Earth, it stands to reason that they possess advanced knowledge about our planet and its atmosphere. They likely have methods to study our environment, adapt to any encountered conditions, and thus, the prospect of accidental crashes due to a lack of understanding seems remote. If they've mastered interstellar travel, one would assume they've perfected their craft's resilience, making crashes at best an exceedingly rare occurrence.

Drawing a comparison, the notion of UFOs crashing on Earth is akin to suggesting a UFO is more accident-prone than a Tesla, considering the frequency with which UFOs are portrayed to crash in popular culture, courtesy of whistleblowers like Lazar and Grusch. It's almost as if ET missed the crash-avoidance lessons that Tesla seemingly excelled in; and arguing that Earth's gravity poses an insurmountable, uniquely complicated challenge for UFOs is like imagining Elon Musk tripping over a pebble on his way to the launchpad!


  • Humanity is akin to the deer jumping out across the road and getting hit by traffic.

    If there are multiple species we could also assume potentially there is conflict between some of them. Scoring a direct hit and crash landing on this planet.

    I have witnessed a conflict between two orbs, lights or ships, call it what you will. Dancing around each other, similar to sword play to who can strike first. Resulting in the two lights/orbs shooting off in opposite directions at high velocity.
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