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The Egyptian Ankh

While trying to drill with the bottle I had the issue of the bottle neck wandering around on the rock.

Not the best looking ankh but it will work for my purposes.

If my theory is correct, clay should seal the gap between the ankh and ground and water should pool in the loop.


  • So I got the pieces semi arranged to start drilling the hardest granite I could get my hands on.

    As you can see I would be in for a shock if I stepped on the Ankh while touching the Magen of David.

    The Star of David is not Jewish in origin but rather is found in antiquity in a variety of mystical, alchemical, and magical writings. The Star of David, also known as the Magen David, has provided the Jewish people with an easily recognized symbol claimed by Jewish people and cultural artifacts.

    Notice the Knops on the Djed.

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