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Human body free energy machine?

Human body harvesting energy from whole electromagnetic spectrum?

Figure 4 Turtles are reptiles characterized by bony or cartilaginous shell developed from their ribs and acting as a shield. This dome-shaped shell makes it difficult for predators to crush the shell between their jaws. In reality the shell acts as antenna which captures electromagnetic radiation.

To explain this shortly. "Books writers" belives or intentionally lies that all human energy comes from food, water and oxygen.
But same writers telling that all plants needs external energy source(light) to disintegrate h2o and co2. So how it possible that all people and animals with muscles, heart, brain and whole much complicated construction wouldn't need external energy? And more funny is law of conservation of energy. Its explain why we cannot divide h2o and explode h with o2 and gain more energy to do it infinitely, but it's looks like academic brains do not see any contradiction in this.
Of course human body and all living organism harvesting EM energy by melanin in cell's cores. What is explained in second link.
Yes these official scientists discovered this in 2015 by recording turtle and they wrote that all scients needs looks on organisms energy transforming again, but nothing happened its looks like right scientist exist but they will not be listened anyway.

Another interesting about energy form nowhere

So ,melanine colour is brown-black. Hairs are black-brown. Head is almost sphere. In this site scientists tells that hairs can work as diodes sometimes but actually they dont know. But if it will works like this. So if head is this big sphere as on Tesla wardenclyffe tower, heart is resonator, legs are ground. Isn't are we AC current generator/converter? But can we somehow hold electricity or generate HV? Maybe we can. What heart do actually? It's look's like heart is always in low rpm mode. We can compare this to combustion engine. If we start running, heart just will start beating faster. Same as with combustion engine. But combustion engine capacity is constant, piston always will move same path but faster what is wasting engine in time, same thing happens with heart when we running. Can we call this high rpms? Simply says yes, but for sure? its like 150 beats/s and its like wasting same as combustion engine.
When heart will be in high rpm mode? Is it possible to make heart "beating" thousands of hertz? We know that all high rpm engines have wider diameter cylinder then its height, because of fast piston travel. If heart will beat physically so fast it will explode. But if heart will just generate high frequency electric field it will affect magnetic particles in blood, and blood instead of flowing in veins it will just start pulsating fast.

What is 240 glyph?

It's looks like hands and legs weaving?

By the way in my opinion these glyphs tables were made by vatican catholics. When they arrived to the island they just were carving letters in stones because they weren't understand what they see. But it's for other discussion.


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