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Ed’s Treasure Map Puzzle Possibly Solved


  • Good stuff @omnijim thanks for posting. Looks like we got a new kid on the block @Ones65118, @dante

    That's smiling alien is the icing on the cake lol.

    Can be spooky stuff though Jim, mirroring images with overlays is literally like staring into in abyss and it looking back at you. Seems like something always appears from the darker realms.

    Here at the bottom of this page are quite a few Leedskalnin overlays @Ones65118 put together many years ago and he conjured up quite of few interesting characters.

    And heres some more interesting Da Vinci overlays:

    @omnijim Feel free to post any of your pics here
  • Yes indeed :) I have many thousands of overlays from years back. I have thought of maybe posting them all in a video format, but it would make for one rather long video so don't know. I will say so much intriguing stuff has come out of the overlays but no solid clues or any answers that I have noticed... yet :)
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