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The old Coral Castle forum group . . .


I'm "experimentor" from the old Coral Castle forum group. Any other old forum members on this forum? Dave Nelson is the only name I recognize (Hi Dave). I miss all the old times we had there. There was one member who was into "sympathetic vibrational physics" that I would like to talk to again. I also miss the guy, can't think of his name now, who used to post pages of mathematical equations.

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  • Hi Experimentor,
    welcome to Magnetic Universe!
    Let's hope you'll catch your old friends here again.

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  • charlie... just caught wind of the link... much thanks, this is appreciated
  • Ed used 2 PMH's one to collect power from the flywheel and one as a electromagnet[magnetricity] holder. By placing a bar within the coral and wrapping the outside of the coral with flat copper wire[the flat copper and the copper flattener are still at the castle]then connecting the PMH'S legs one to the bar and one to the copper wrap. Ed's magneto flywheel made the equal north and south current, he wrote about, because of the natural Vee shape of the vee magnets on the flywheel.[the center of each V-magnet is 0, 0 is the balance. Ed then charged the PMH/coral, with the equal north and south current giving the coral poles inside and out[the stone has magnets within it from the life, the coral is made up, dead sea life]. Ed then waited until one of the 2 crescent moons we have each month[moon light is simply a reflection of Sun light]. The Sun is push, the crescent moon shows when the Suns power is weak. Ed then waited not only for the crescent moon but for Saturns crossing with Earth[ Saturn is in fact pull]. Then Ed flipped the poles of the charged PMH/coral magnetricity[electromagnet]holder in the same way he clearly explained in his writings, flipping the poles of the coral from inside to out, breaking the magnetic bond of the Earth using Saturn for lift, and the PMH/coral lifted. When realizing the mass in weight, of the coral is nothing more than magnetic force, you can see how by reversing the down force in to up force. We are taught about mass and the weight of mass, and gravity, but not magnetic force. If magnetic force was taught to us it would be much easier to understand, how the weight of the stone really helps in the lifting process.
  • @experimentor Try using the PMH as a electromagnet holder, then reread Ed's experiments find were Ed explains how to flip the poles of a charged PMH. Then realize Ed used the PMH to make the coral the electromagnet, only with EQUAL north and south, not unbalanced electricity[Ed clearly explains how batteries are unbalanced as well. This is the best experiment you could ever do, you will gain a understand, that will lead you to solving the riddle of what Ed really did.
  • Some of this stuff reminds me of Ed's work
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