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What type of lock uses this key

Any guesses where I should look?


  • Look inside yourself.
    That's the only place you will find that lock.
    But once you've opened it, you open yourself.
    It benefits all of us to be opened.
    Just be careful you don't open up too much, or any old dirty, useless thing, might just drift or fall in.
    Being open minded, is about how far you're willing to open up, and when you're willing to close up too.
    Just don't get too "woke" or you'll never wake from the dream... or nightmare.

  • Someone left this one behind trying to steal a car.
  • Looks like a fresh cut, newbie ?
    Skeleton key ? Pass key?

    Soo true
    My own worst enemy
    Know Thyself

  • Someone left this one behind trying to steal a car.

    Thats a "rake" lockpick for a car door. Elecronic locks in car doors are easily opened with rake picks, if the car door isnt connected to the car key with a microchip. The rake wont start the car, but if you left anything valuable inside, theyll steal it.
    That looks like a nice one, that doesnt need a tension wrench, just insert and give a little pressure to unlock, and rake it over the door lock wafers. Car doors have wafer locks, so you actually have a good chance of raking the wafer pins correctly, opposed to like a doorknob, with one row of pins, which you have to set precisely and in the right order.
    Lockpicking is a hobby of mine, and all of my picks, rakes, and tension wrenches are homemade.
  • @poughkeepsieblue I know exactly what it was and how it is used, why I asked the owner of the car I found it in if I could keep it in my pocket.
  • A thought, there is a guy on YouTube called “lock picking lawyer” he would likely know?

  • Heel stones and slaughter stones looks like your key
  • @omnijim I had considered asking him. You are talking about the brass key or the rake key?

    The rake key is of little value to me, I know how to use it. The brass key I obtained over a decade ago in a estate sale. I looked around the house for the lock and found nothing. I leave that key in the bible because only god knows where the lock is.

    @Heyjoe interesting picture considering what I am currently working on.
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