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Run AC through PMH after magnetization?

Title is self explanatory; what happens if you run alternating current through the coils of the PMH after the crossbar has been magnetized to it? I'm especially interested in what effect this might have if the cross bar is passed through the end link of a chain.

I suspect Ed's chain was more functional than we previously understood. See my other posts for more info.


  • Spend $10 on a whirlpool drain pump. One mini PMH in disguise.

    A bargain at 2 for $20. Good for small scale prototypes.

    I can't afFORD ford magnets.

    But I do understand the heart beat of a Chevy motor and how valve springs work.

    $22 in hazard fr8 magnets.
    Drum wheel cut out from the making of a Japanese drum. No cost there. VCR head it sits on was free junk. Spent $10 on the battery and charger.

    So for less than a Benjamin Franklin I have a sound platform to work from.

    The iron plummet point is held by a magnet to the top rail. 2 magnets by the end of the top rail holds the bottom rail. The ends of the rails point east and west. One rail north pole and the other rail south pole. With the north rail down it is lighter in the northern hemisphere. Same mass just orientated different ways has different effects.

    Same as it is easier to push a jaw closed than it is to pull a jaw open.

    I would just wrap the chain around the tripod.

    What does a coil of wire do when placed in balance over a power pole with a magnet on the bottom?

    I was going to use a spark plug in place of the battery. Ground the sparkplug to a ring magnet and positive to the center electrode.

    Not only will things float but they will want to spin.
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