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A Book In Every Home - Thinking out loud, and deciphering the past.

Heyo! Anyone out there on a Friday night interested in thinking?

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts!


  • Thinking about what?
    First video I made a mistake, the weight hanging is a total of 6 ounces.

    Second video is another video about balance. Too much weight it doesn't spin from friction. Not enough weight the water pressure blows out the fittings.

    As David Letterman used to say "Does it float?"
  • edited January 2022
    I have thoughts, but I believe I would be speculating at what I'm looking at. Could give some narrative? The first video doesn't seem to work. Can you do a wide shot, medium shot, close up shot? With the narrative I could be enlightened.

    edit: I see it. Your talking about the spin of water, right? Using the natural right hand twist, GRAVITY, and a bladeless turbine to eventually build something to generate power. Am I close?
  • Balancing out the forces of water. The higher my water tower, I lose head pressure. The gap between the pipe and the bottle neck causes blow by. My 3/8" nozzles are pointing up to push the device down. At equal angles it will turn either way. A rolling rock honestly gathers no moss.

    My friend in Texas inspired the idea by talking about using hho bubbles to turn a turbine under water.

    Most turbines are turned by falling water. This would be like afterburners for the turbine exhaust system.

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