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Heyo! What was the point?


I've been getting non-stop vibes on Mr. Leedskalnin. It's great to see this group is active, and hopefully we change the world for the better! Sound good, Yes?

I visited the castle in the early 2000's. I saw his metal shoes, metal swing. Everything hanging, or already mounted to the walls. These massive stones. It's jaw dropping, right?

Fast forward to now. Over the years, I've found a lot of similar 'antiquity imagery' that fits perfectly with what Ed was actually doing. Sumerian, Egyptian, European, Pacific, South America. Megalithic Stones. I mean, I've always asked myself, "What was the point?" Finding so much similar imagery from so many cultures, times, and locations was my start.

Ed was Old School. That might be the best school. I'm working on a video to share my thoughts, and hopefully someone understands! Is it cool to post yt links?


  • Welcome.

    This group hasn't been super active lately so it's good to see new people.

    Feel free to post your video. New points of view are always good.
  • Hi NorthSouth,

    Looking forward to your video.

    If you took any photos from the early 2000's, by all means include them in the video as well!
  • Hey! Thank you!
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