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Insufficient comprehension leads to overlooking and undervaluing

I’ve come to understand a great many reasons why EDs assertion that, “all our body functions are physical, there is no mental function in us, for instance thinking the same as talking is physical process,” is one of the least discussed aspects of EDs writings, while having implications so extraordinary, most cannot begin to understand just what it means for, well, virtually everything.

I suggest that more time be invested into pondering, should his claim be true, just what else must inevitably follow as a logical certainty. The boundaries of what could be considered possible expand exponentially.

I’d just say that the realities of a world in which thinking is of a physical nature can be said to barely resemble the “realities” we do blindly mistakenly accept as absolute and complete truths.

“We” are misled.


  • @quantummagnetics I too find this statement to be fascinating. And how about his assertion that we would all "think loud" if we were not suppressed when we were small? It sounds like he's hinting at an undeveloped or forgotten telepathic potential in all humans. He's also able to shew mosquitoes away from the wall by giving them a sharp glance.
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    Absolutely…It then led me to ponder the nature of thought, and considering it’s nature to be physically generated (energetically perhaps), and that would allow for potential influence across infinite distances. Perhaps that is the potential that exists when “thinking out loud?”And from there, the unfolding continues…

    He obviously fully understood and could make intentional use of the subtle energies, demonstrated by the mosquito example. He was truly a master of everything that we not only largely misunderstand, but much worse, we simply don’t believe in, or just outright reject.

    It’s unfortunate.
  • Random additional thoughts on the thinking being a physical process With an open mind based upon our agreement that we have no actual understanding of consciousness, let’s remember that, as EDM referenced, we are limited to that which can be felt by, and understood through, our senses. Lets also remember that our conception of possible methods of communication is primarily limited to the ways to communicate that are available to human, through the senses we have to perceive. . Let’s also remember that, understanding what I just outlined, beyond our limitations exist infinite other ways to sense and to communicate, or more aptly, to transfer or simply obtain information.

    So follow me down this one. Thinking is physical. It can therefore, hypothetically understood, be perhaps interpreted by another form of consciousness foreign to our understanding, as physical actions that produce measurable, or at least detectable effects (hypothetically, depending on the abilities of that entity)). Let’s say that there is, to use a specific and familiar example, a planetary consciousness (generated by the effects of the magnet metal inside the Earth). Let’s say this entity can both detect and interpret information solely through vibration. That sense, to it, is as sight is to humans. It can feel you thinking, in a manner of speaking, (yes, while simultaneously feeling and interpreting the entire rest of the planet) and from the specifics of your vibratory pattern, can just as well know your thoughts (because perhaps certain vibratory patterns always produce certain resulting thoughts). That assertion requires additional consideration, which I will give to it. I mean, what else would allow the mamma to so effectively practice as needed? In such a scenario, you might be able to understand the possibility that telepathy may, and I believe does, already exist, Just not only necessarily in the way our limited experience has led us to expect, and not currently in (almost all) humans. It’s not simply having access to have the thoughts of another in your mind without them having spoken them, written them, or used any other conventional method. It’s simply that we can largely envision telepathy to function in no other way. And I do anticipate, as consciousness levels continue to rise across the planet, those who have learned that humans also (have always) possess(Ed) these subtle abilities, and who learn to and commit to refining theirs, will begin to possess this very ability in the simple way it is most often conceptualized. And, I don’t believe it to be a novel event in history.

    Communication is simply the transfer of information from one unit to another. Thoughts are simply information/ideas resulting from a physical process. Just begin to imagine just how many extraordinary ways currently unaware to us that could exist to interpret the output of specific physical processes and to then, in unfamiliar ways to us, transfer that information to another. We struggle to seriously entertain things like telepathy because we don’t know how. Our imaginations are stifled because we first run any potential idea through the filter of our conditioned beliefs and our perceived limitations, and that filter prevents most from truly opening up to a serious consideration of alternative possibilities. ED sufficiently described why it is that there are many things that we no longer know how to do. EDM talked about why the pyramids were abandoned. We convinced ourselves to stop believing.

    We, as a species, have also consistently proven ourselves overwhelmingly spiritually unprepared for the hidden aspects of our reality that have incredibly powerful potential.

    Until we can grow into beings that don’t, in the end of every cycle, consistently destroy ourselves, each other, societies, our planet, and sometimes our very souls, then we don’t deserve for the more powerful gates to be opened to us.

    As always, while I do often sound the opposite, I assure you, I will always humbly and freely admit that I truly know nothing. Nothing at all. Socrates was wise. Now as I know nothing, I attempt to imagine everything. Your imagination has to start from a sound base. You have to learn to reject what you’ve been taught to believe (by those who knew nothing). You have to live in the What If?…the curiosity and limitlessness of the mind of an infant come to mind. Undo the damage. It’s not all your fault, but it is all your life.

    As an aside, if you can understand levels of consciousness arranged hierarchically, with similar dynamics to the relationship between our planetary consciousness and all its individualized units of consciousness, and the access possessed by the consciousness residing above the other, hierarchically, you might be able to understand more specifically, just how God could be truly omnipresent and omniscient, in a fairly practically understandable, if not totally believable, sense. Rather than by, you know, magic. Or, we don’t know. Or, shut up and believe it kid. (Talk about being suppressed…). I’m not here to convince. Im not here to even mildly assert that there is any real truth here. I’m just here to broaden the scope of What If…?

    Get your mind right people. ED has done his best to be of help. Let’s continue to be that for one another.
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    Lol. Oh, and to anyone thinking the concept of planetary consciousness having the ability to interpret information without a brain is ridiculous, I’d just ask What If the Earth (and all stars) is simply a neuron in the network of the all-brain that is our physical universe? I’d imagine being connected to the processor of All-That-Is might afford that ability.

    Open your mind. Further.

    Find reasons why. Your reasons why not always come from your conditioning.
  • @quantummagnetics I received this correspondence around a decade ago and you might find it interesting. It involves thought or intent and the PMH.

    Hi Matt,
    Enclosed are what I call Links. You’ll notice they are of identical design.

    1. Take one link and hang it so that it is in the middle of the U.
    2. Put the other link in another room.
    3. Fire up the PMH, wait about a minute then go into the other room, hold the link in your hand. You will feel a tingle or Buzz, warmth or a coolness. It basically will depend on how your energy reacts to the Cosmic Force.

    This test shows and proves that you can transfer the Cosmic Force to any link and distance is not an issue. As long as you have the link with you no matter where you go you’ll be connected to your PMH.

    2nd Test

    1. Pick ten objects in the house small enough to put in your hand. Line up the objects on the couch about 6 inches apart from each other. Choose which objects you want the Cosmic Force projected to.

    2. Write on a piece of paper – Target: write in the name of the object. Fire up the PMH then have one of your kids or wife hold the palm of their hand over each object and have them tell you which they feel, a buzz, tingle, warmth or coolness. Don’t tell the family which one it is.

    Be warned once you’ve done this it has the chance of consuming your thoughts on all the possibilities of what this technique holds. If you have any question and you’d like to talk please don’t hesitate to call me: XXX-XXX-XXXX

    Just so I can be more clear with the Target approach here’s an example:
    Target: The red button on the couch in the living room.
    Program: Project Cosmic Force.

    1st you’re telling the Cosmic Force where to go.
    2nd your tell the Cosmic Force what to do.
    Any who give it a go I’m very interested to hear from you.
    All the best

    One a separate post-it note he wrote:

    Matt can use these or draw your own on two pieces of paper with carbon in between them.

    Attached to the post-it note was two small pieces of paper with identical symbols(links).
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  • Excellent contribution. But seriously though, develop a new secret handshake. That one is getting “old.”
  • That's all you got from those 8 strings? The misconception they are some secret handshake?



    Insufficient comprehension leads to overlooking and undervaluing

    I know this isn't the EDM you speak of.

    Actually now it makes sense why you think that number set is some secret handshake, your EDM reference is some book on how to decode Ed's writings.
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