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Folding Paper in MC

edited April 2021 in Decoding Ed's Writings
On page 9 of Marlinski's little book he writes the following:

"...if you really like to fold paper and can't resist how about the line that is up O on page 11 of his Magnetic Current booklet? If you read along the crease you made you will then see from the folded up words on page 12 and the corresponding words on page 13, what he used is quite old indeed."

In the hidden pages, Marlinski adds that "This O with a diagonal line drawn up it was also pointed out to you on page 10 of How to Read His Writings. And if you had folded up page 11 of EDL's Magnetic Current booklet along that line, you would have found the word rod.

Marlinski also says we should note that the O on page 11 of MC, is a mirror image of the BQY in the "AT WORK" photo in ABIEH.

So, my challenge to everyone, is can you find the word rod, resulting from the folded paper on page 11 that EDM referred to?

I feel that EDM put this in his book for a reason, and that finding the word "rod" may help in deciphering EDL.


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