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Trying to experiment. Where can I get the tools?

Obviously it’s easy to get the wire Ed says to get but the iron/steel with certain dimensions and then bent with x amount of space between the two prongs etc... where can I go about ordering iron/steel with these custom dimensions? I saw numerous photos of people making Ed’s pmh and would like to make my own. Thanks guys.


  • Try dishwasher water pumps. It is smaller scale but works very similar. Soft iron is next to impossible to find these days.

  • @Joeyallseeing I was able to narrow it down to a place that makes custom U-Bolts -i'm in South Cali - those types of places they'll have the press with the high tonnage needed to bend 1.5 inch metal. either that or places that fix truck frames, or pipe and steel suppliers, you'll have to call around and its best to do this in person because if they ship it to you and its fked up, its gonna be twice the headache.

    I used round 1.5 rod (a36 astm i think) for the U, and square 1.5 bar for the 6 inch piece (a108 astm i think). The important thing is that the contact surfaces make flat and smooth contact, so any deviation in terms of angle of bend will cause the keeper to not lock on, so bring something that's exactly 3 inches long so you can put it between the legs to check for straight angle, have them cut the legs to size -after- they do the bend (youll likely start with a 3 foot piece) and have them grind the surfaces so they're smooth and even, you should have that 6 inch keeper already in hand to test it, otherwise its a pain to file/grind at home without the industrial tooling.

    The coils cost me 250 at a place that does motor rewindings - believe me its something you want to avoid doing at home if you dont have the proper setup, but you can get the brass pipe spool and use poly-eurathane to glue some sturdy-plastic bobbin end-cap/discs that will house your windings, which you can get from McMasterKarr and then present to a local motor rewind shop so all they have to do is wind the copper and seal it.
  • @Joeyallseeing

    You can also have one water jetted or machined out of 1.5" plate cold rolled steel. If you purchase a piece 6" wide and 15" long it will save a lot of cutting or milling. Just make a template and the guys at the shop can figure out the rest. Heres the specs:
  • @Magnetic_Universe Maags, I wanted to run some ideas by you and get your thoughts, I'm still experimenting with attack paths, and I know there's quite a few ways to squeeze the PMH-setup for free electrons,

    -I'm thinking about getting a car 12v ignition coil and distributor and pulsing HV spark plug current through the mother coils, but I think auto ignition coils have a rectifier bridge setup that only lets the ac current run in only one direction. I heard something called MOSFET might be a replacement solution? any suggestions?

    -Seems like Ed was envisioning a home setup device of a magnet dynamo/coiled core devices that's hand cranked to turn the flux from a PMH boot-up via a 12 v battery, and pass that AC output through some capacitors/spark plugs to an AC generator for a High Voltage up until the generator can get up to full speed and start powering the coil inside the dynamo so the user can go hands off the dynamo. what do you see?

    - seems like ed was only pushing a 1500 coil with 16gauge at 6 inches for the boot-ups, and a 1500 coil with 18 gauge at 3 inches for a possible pickup. Which is only a 23% step up from what I gathered. did you find any other coil setups ?

    -Ed's PMH diagram seems to have the coils set up in series, but the boot up requires a cross-over setup. does that mean that the boot up coils have to be reconfigured after flux push to series mode to become pickups...? or would the pick ups be on the other side of the magnet/magnetized keeper and the series is so that the extra "induction-to-ground" wires can work..? I havent tried attacking a re-wire yet, im still working on getting the flux to turn reliably and spit out enough power to run a vacuum or election voting machine from my house or something... watchu think? lol

  • @dracul4u

    A lot this stuff is out of my wheelhouse but anything's possible. I will say though that Ed wouldn't have been caught dead in that getup and nothing in that contraption looks like anything he described in his books so I would still be inclined to build his best machine. I also like the idea of a macro size LC tank circuit like Scott McKee's pod mod and resonance in general to get more out than in. Check out Daniel McFarland Cooks electromagnetic battery patent of1861. Problem with this stuff is like somebody said earlier the unavailability of soft iron of EDS day because think it better sucks energy from the environment than anything else and pushes it out better to.
  • When it comes to filing the legs try magnets ;)

    Stack a few magnets on one side of the keeper and put sand paper on the other side, stroke the U shape across the paper.

    Carbon steel is not the best for these

    Bottom is the PMH hairpin with no iron. Left is my tesla secondary. The coiled jar is project X. The brown bottle has to do with X. X is full of iron oxide. Both ends of the coil attach to power (+) while the cap attaches to power (-). With low voltage it does nothing. But with high voltage it produces gas when I add a solution to the bottle of oxide.

    I just look at how transformers work and I think about what the oxide does in relation to the moving magnets.

    I see the layers of thin iron like transformers. Myself I have been thinking of the guys at the laser shop and with a single thin plate cut out a hundred U shaped pieces. Hot wax to stick them together. Sand it smooth as a babies butt and make a form with paper and polyurethane. Since the keeper is the same size use it to make your coils.

    This is how you wire the transformer to a DC power source. Like a car ignition coil.

    With mosfets which ed didn't have that is a different story on how to drive a ignition coil.

    My video my current is limited by the coil wire diameter and the speaker.

    But then you need a beefier switch to handle the load.

    If I had a pair of matched PMH's I could demonstrate what happens when the magnets pass one of them. Put a magnet between the prongs of the second and it should rotate as you turn the flywheel.

    Why I mention water pumps because they use that simple concept.

    This day and age I would just go the laminated plate way.

    I found if you release the load by opening the switch as the magnet is leaving the apex it doesn't cause as much drag on the wheel.

    You may find this information useful.

    I don't plan on spinning stacks of magnets so these work great for my tinkering.

    Whirlpool drain pumps. $11 each plus tax. Even come with a magnet in a hub.

    I should show how bright my light shines when I connect a car headlight to a 18 volt battery.

    Just joking the light doesn't light at all. Not enough current flows thru the coils to power the light.

    But like I said plates laminated together work for cores . Not sure which is cheaper to machine on the large scale. Or water jet verses laser cutting.

    Hopefully some of this is helpful.
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