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Help With EDM

Hey guys,

This is my first post. So anyways I've been on and off with EDM. I dont want to give up on the Enigma machine just yet.

I've read his book and the hidden pages a lot. I noticed EDM misspells things on purpose. He highlights 'you' a lot so I assume that has to do with the Umkerwalze of the enigma machine?

Does anyone know what do to with the golden geometry and the dollar bill trick? If you have found anything with his methods please let me know and how you did it.

I'm curious about the mirrored pictures but sometimes it can be hard to interpret what they show. I also what to try the interference pattern in the hidden pages. Any help would be appreciated.


  • EDM seems to be trying to guide us in the right direction when he says "so where do you think the numerator 7129 (GABI) might take you?"

    I have two thoughts on this:

    1. He is pointing us towards the photos with TREES in them. EDM told us we started with the denominator (6105195) with EDL standing in a rock pit. 6105195 being the "seed". It seems logical the numerator 7129 would take us above the ground.

    2. 7129 (GABI) could be the settings for the Grunstellung since it is a four letting word starting with G.

    Your thoughts?
  • Lmao, of course. It was right in front of me the whole time.

    Yeah, I thought above the ground would be the correct answer. So in terms of enigma, it would be G: ABI. Where would you go from here? Would you need to change the other enigma settings? What words do you enter?

    It definitely helps when people work as a team. I think I may have found the Steckerr settings on the tree EDM speaks of. Will have to look back at my notes.
  • Do not over complicate it, sweet 16 is a magic square, 4x4.

    The answer is in the photo I posted.

    EDs machine is missing its centre rotor that is needed for stability and function, it is in the photots . The drum the has magnets in it sits inside of EDs machine.
  • 7 129
    6 105 195 This explanation seems to be logical.
  • Most of the tricks edm describes are taken from edls writings, shown in edms writings, and meant to be used in both.
    For instance, the dollar bill tricks edm shows on page 38 and 39 , he shows a diagram of page 4 and 5 of edls writings, but if you follow edms instructions, on page 5 of edms book, by lining up the corners of the dollar at the appropriate points, you can see the message edm left leaving clues to how to fing the M3 enigma machine settings, that are hidden in Magnetic Current on page 17. These are the same settings I use on my videos, and I may have been the first to publicly show how to find them, but edm definitely found them before me,and hid them in his book.
    I can show you how and why edm got most of the settings he demonstrates, the settings he uses on page 41, can be found right at edl front door, on his metal door, and 'unusual accomplishment' sign.
    The enigma is fascinating to me.
  • edited December 2020
    384/24 =16
    24/16 =1,5
    If remove "," will be 15. One magnet takes 15 degrees in flywheel 24*15=360
  • Morse Code

    If you look at the book of EDM there are many of reflections, contrast, opposites, black/white etc.

    For Fun
    Try experimenting with the capitals at the beginning of each paragraph. Echo the letters first or go front to back. There are several combinations. Maybe I read into it too much :)

    E(.) as T(-) are opposites
    E turns into T.

  • Try the paragraphs first letters with the atbash cipher too.
  • 7 129
    6 105 195 This explanation seems to be logical.

    Yep, I second that
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