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What’s the Original Book Cover Image ABIEH?

I can’t seem to figure out what the image is on the front of ABIEH. Not sure if this was discussed but I couldn’t find it on this forum. I try to look closely to see the book that Ed’s holding (ABIEH) but can not figure out the image. Anyone have any idea of what it could be?


  • It is a picture of a home looking at the front door. Maybe the girl he had his eye's on.
  • I wouldn't say it was SS, Though, it does resemble a black bird? What do you think? There are loads of symbols in that image and it is certainly not a swastika.

    I certainly don't own an original ABIEH and nobody on this forum does either. I am confident it does exist, it is likely in someone's private collection, something Ed would be furious about.

    In the older copies we can make out at least some of the symbols.
    The pyramid contains four separate symbols. The "black bird" at the top.
    Almost directly below is the square and what? Not exactly a compass, square and the eye?

    There are two versions of that book ED is holding, one is compacted in the image you provided, the other is "open/separated"
  • The left top gable looks like a 7, the SS I think is just the scanner resolution. No doubt a house with three gables on the front. Center is forward of the other two. I think the SS is just the gable vent, the other two I can't tell if they are windows or vents.

    The plastic wrap obscures the view.
  • @Magneticus_Attractus thanks for the drawing. It does look like SS but I don’t think Ed was neonatzi lol @dante yes when I zoom in it looks like a Native American symbol.. Yes I believe the original has to exist somewhere. I’ve been talking to a collector and apparently he knew someone that worked at CC long ago and the owners would through a ton of stuff out so this guy would pick through it. He also told me the original ABIEH was soft cover as well. So do you think those images are pyramids? Thanks guys.
  • This may help a little.

  • @Magnetic_Universe
    That's the "opened or unlocked "version. There are two copies of what Ed is holding. This version doesn't look like a pyramid at all, rather an equilateral triangle with a symbol on either side of it.
    This is what I see at the top

    If you are still in contact with this collector - i'm willing to pitch in to acquire a copy for research and comparison.
    The older copies I have are soft covers, but certainly not originals.

  • @dante
    Jeremy Stride from sent that photo to me 11 years ago, and I haven't spoken to him in at least half that many. I can send you his email address if you like.
  • @Magnetic_Universe
    All good, I have the full length photo, it's in one of the many versions of ABIEH.
  • @Magneticus_Attractus
    Where you saw SS, it could have also been 33, then a compass in the lower left part of the triangle
    It's a drawing, of a Home with symbols written on it

    Most have either said the drawing looks similar to the temple of Athena, Nike or Solomon, and there are others...

  • You can tell the time this was taken.
    See his shadow?
    Keep looking at the book and not the shadows ;)

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    S.S. is Schutzstaffel
    Founded in 1925, the “Schutzstaffel,” German for “Protective Echelon,” initially served as Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler's (1889-1945) personal bodyguards, and later became one of the most powerful and feared organizations in all of Nazi Germany.Dec 18, 2009
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  • edited August 2020

    Jeremy Stride from sent that photo to me 11 years ago, and I haven't spoken to him in at least half that many. I can send you his email address if you like.

    Hey, that's me!

    The small book represents the 'real information' in the book, specifically that which can be decoded. It is the contents of this small book that we are really after. The reason why ABIEH exists at all.

    When I say decoded, I mean a numerical algorithm performed on the main complete text of the book itself.

    The encoded text, when decoded, is much shorter than the input text.

    The process by why the text can be decoded is itself symbolized by all of the elements on the cover, and thus the small book 'destination' is included as the result of this symbolic pathway.
  • Perhaps an algorithm that counts letters or words, places letters or words into a specific shape or form.
    The preface would be the second hint after the small book Ed is holding, Ed leaving us the same amount of space to see if we can do better.
  • @cosmic144
    Hello Jeremy, it's great to see you posting here!

    Here is a fascinating ancient pictograph pattern based on the Hebrew language that may fit the bill. The gentleman that discovered or rediscovered it may have posted here years ago with interest in Leedskalnin's PMH as it may relate to the ank.

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