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vortex turbines

While working on the water tornadoes this idea came to mind while I was cutting the PVC pipe.

Fairly simple to make the base frame. 16-45° elbows. 16-T's. 11-5 foot long pipes. 8 pipes are 5 feet long. The other 3 pipes one is cut into 3.75 inches 16 times. The other two are cut into 7.5 inch pieces by 16. And close to a hundred feet of rope. The rope is to hold all the pieces together.

I would have been upset if I glued it together then realized it is so big it will not fit out my doorways.

When completed the inside rope tying the top to the bottom should look very interesting.

Have to relocate it outside before I take the time to tie that spider web.

One thing I didn't think about when I built it is how much static it produces.especially if you stand inside of it in the center square of the rope.

35.8° seems to be the magic number for blade pitch angle.

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  • Blade assembly together.

    So 19 five foot pipes. 32 45° elbows. 16 90° elbows. 48 T's. 200 feet of rope. One bike tire.

    Plan on just using saran wrap to build the blades. And the funnel form. Some of the things I learned years ago with the spinning pyramid I made. Air flows in thru the top and exits around the base.

    Have a good day.
  • So after wrapping the blades it turns counter clockwise.

    My neighbor said her and her husband was watching something on YouTube about Egypt and she said she seen my windmill. Truth is I can pour water from above and it will turn.

    YouTube sent me down a strange rabbit hole and I started other projects. Like how to blow the horn with the aqualungs. What I found interesting is how the air was pulsing the diaphragm and the water on the diaphragm started dancing around then the whole contraption started dancing around. So I added more water and it still danced around. Now I am seeing how Tesla was using steam pistons. Plus how train horns are so loud. I did find it interesting how air pressure in one chamber was moving water in another chamber.

    Part of me says to make a diaphragm from flex seal on the plastic diaphragm I am using.

    To make this a big vibrator you have to flip it over after lowering the top PVC pipe down till it presses on the diaphragm. Then flip over and add water till the water line is just below the neck of the bottle.

    So no water it sounds like a train horn.
    With water sounds like a subwoofer beating away.

    Found that curious.

    I also found it interesting how the air was moving in the water chamber. With a sealed chamber with two 1/4 inch holes it was blowing air almost a foot away. At the right frequency which is dictated by air pressure in the lower chamber.

    So to make this section. You step by 3. After 8 knots you are right back where you started.

    To connect the top to the bottom, you step by one, then step by two. So if U1 is upper point 1 to B8 is bottom point 8, U1 to B3,U6,B8,U3,B5,U8,B2,U5,B7,U2,B4,U7,B1,U4,B6,U1....

    Looks like the firing order of a V8 motor times two.
    This is why I kept messing up trying to tie everything together. The numbers are very close to the same.
    3 and three quarter's inches is one 60 inch pipe. Seven and a half inches is 120 inches of pipe. So 11 and a quarter would use 4 pipes cause the odd left overs. 15 divides into 60 evenly. 20 and 30.

    Too much math to think about.

    Where I wish I had a PC to draw it out and see the different angles produced with different diameter tops and bottoms with the same five foot arms.
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