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Ed's Best Machine

Hello Everyone!

We're working on design of Ed's Light machine... ;-) It appears that the discussion on Ed's "Best Machine" or his "Light Machine" as it may more accurately be called was closed...and I would like to open this back up... :)
Anyone have any current stuff they would like to share?
We're working on our calculations and CAD work for a modern prototype of his "Ham Radio/Light Machine"... :-)


  • My wife's grandfather's letter when he was in the navy was full of holes from the censor board.

    There secret code was in the closing of the letter.

    Which simply relayed south pacific or north pacific and nothing more.

    Hopefully see you soon...north pacific.

    Lots of love...south pacific.

    Numbers were always censored.

    Letter might read....

    The guys and I got together. We had a six pack of coke and 15 hamburgers.

    Message received...
    The guys and I got together. We had a ___ pack of coke and __hamburgers.

    This is where the "secret hand shake" comes in.

    Not everyone can do it.

    Some can not roll their tongue.

    Next round I can get done in 30 days. Need more rope.
    61 bottles Daisy chained together.
    One mistake I made is I should have alternated Left and Right then hang the line out under tension.
    Watch the wave in the line :)
    @royalblue Masons showed me how to fish doing this.
    Completely illegal in some areas.

    Run the line Down at dusk and pull it up by Dawn.

    Part of me wants to buy 2 cases of corona then hang them on a line.

    Now I get the solar water heater.
    Line UP cause the seam in the bottle makes a line.

    One last one

    _ : ) _
    _ ( : _

    If you put the cap on under water you don't get the air bubble.

    Funny I was going to share this on another thread. But I will put it here.

    Just cause you mentioned the light machine..

    If you know anything about the double rainbow and radio's let me know........
  • I wrote a small piece about it in this magazine -
    I believe its on page 34

  • Always found it interesting how much louder the music was with my spinning pyramid over the small speaker.

    The pyramid is 24 inches square at the base. The side walls are 16 inches in height. The angle of the sides is 45°. The wire climbs 1 inch per revolution. 20 gauge iron wire. 12 empty CO² bottles. 24 magnets. 12 iron corner braces. A 3 foot music wire. A bottle. A large marble.

    Now if I hooked a radio to this crazy AN10NA what would the signal look like when I rotate the whole array?

    @Apollo222 your one image from that one post inspired this idea(the chains on the lift magnet. Make sure the weld in each link is away from the lifting magnet. One link to the south rail, next link on the north rail.

    Still amazes me how many places these gaps can be found.

    Like @Forrest said when you figure it out you build it larger.
    My line holding the old fountain head snapped so I figured it was a good time to start plumbing with rigid pipes.

    3 hardware trips later I have it close enough for now.

    Apparently you down spouts need vents so now I need to make another trip to get 3 more T fittings to join to the 4 T's on the 4 down spouts dumping in the 4 buckets. Wife said it sounds like a washing machine running. One spout you can see it flare out then back to a focused point as it leaves the end of the pipe.

    That is more water and air behavior but I do plan on making flashes of light with falling water. Kinda ties in with lifting with magnets.

    Edward clearly claims he figured out the pyramid builder's secret.

    As above, as below....
    The black and white circle one top ball on left is farther away than the top right. Bottom left is closer than bottom right.

    Not sure if I should be talking about my balls that I play with at home.

    What can I say my balls are magnetic and like to stick together.

    This is just some of the ways I play with my balls.

    Grampa Dave having to explain how I was playing with my balls.

    OK enough about my balls and how I have been itching to scratch at the subject.

    You can use chains instead of balls to hang your dumbbells by the rail link.

    A little cushion for the pushin going on.

    Not sure why those guys couldn't figure out how Ed's bearing on the door worked.

    Bottom repels and top attracts.
    Finding the balance is tricky.

    OK maybe not hard for some to find that center spot.

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