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messages hidden in plain sight in art and the written word

one of the greats in the last century is the" dear boss letter" at the heart of the jack the ripper case , in fact if it wasn't for the letter there would be no case , swept away under histories or them what writes it carpet, with it being a masonic affair at the centre. it got sent to the newspapers first got published and in so stuck in history . a clever man indeed stamping his logo on the events with perfect timing , ok google up the letter and youll see the author has underlined three of the words as follows ; red . right . ha ha . common denominator being there all homophones .. red becomes read or read as in reed, so read it .. right becomes write . a haha is a concealed ditch for military and agricultural use . simple instructions then broken down in phonetic groups too set the meter so you can follow the flow throughout, so in laymans terms read it write it and youll fall in . it then tells you who where and why up too the letters date . which is more than enough and has stood the test of time. also this method of communicating has continued through time from which may well have been 4th century lycaphron as DAVE N says to the present day clearly, DVK


  • continuing on from/with the dear boss letter for a moment before moving on to NYC its not always clear at first to see the genius of it having not spent time with it. which was in fact is a cashcow generating billions of dolllars and sterling still to this day, D.C. comics , a tale of the batman in gotham by gaslight ,on page 23 its there addressed to inspector Gordon , with the cape swishing in again , and do believe it has a three dimensional twist via Thomas de quincey writings called on the knocking on the gate in Macbeth,, a 2 point essay and the first to muse on the vanishing point in art first published in 1823 though quite probrably written earlier around 18=11
  • onto art and im hoping you find this interesting , google up monet in London, he spent some time here and did quite a few, the one you want is where some guys are constructing a pier of sorts and big ben is directly behind them with trees to their right. if you've seen on utube " secrets in plain site " with all the alignments etc then look 1 min 22 secs in and pause and you should be looking at NYC , the line shown offers the D,C federal triangle then along a through central park specifically the obelisk ( having had one former owner namely Cleopatra ) then onwards through the centre of Stonehenge no less and there the line ends. I was surprized to see the film makers missed the obvious seeing as all the other London sites and institutions he chats about are adjacent to it . the line continues to another three sites one of which is what monet painted , the builders are creating the platform for the sister obelisk , as its known here as cleopatras needle . easy checkable with gmaps .. just before that the needle it passes through York gate which is an old boarding point to the river for the high and mighty , when new, York gate was built in the 1200s then some of the river is reclaimed to create the embankment and the gardens theirin in the 1800s , later on another structure will be added of dubious history which then becomes the oxo building, in the painting the bit their working on are the steps and platform to erect the needle upon and the guy nearest the tree line kind of looks like he exposing himself , now take another look at the tree line for that exposure, because its on the projected alignment, that's if you see it and then check , so without putting too finer polish on it if you scan the other London works , I,d have liked to have meet his optician for that day . also hes standing on a boat while doing it , hilarious.... all the best DVK .
  • okay, having established three users so far of this type of covert communication set publically via the press in plain sight , heres a fourth .. on august 1 1969 three letters were received by the press in the USA , 1 the Vallejo times herald 2 the san Francisco chronicle and 3 the san Francisco examiner , each letter had 1 third of a 408 symbol cryptogram , this in turn was partially dechipered by a couple of retired school teachers , so if you google up " the zodiac killer " I will show how to finish it .. when you look at their results , at the bottom it reads as follows ; the solution to zodiacs 408 symbol cipher. the meaning, if any, of the final eighteen letters has not been determined. EBEORIETEMETHHPITI.. from the top as you read it through firstly you notice the bad spelling and anybody could easily assume or wonder did they get it right at all , with it obviously double checked by the feds intelligence it has to be. so lets keep a count ,18 unused letters so far . looking at the spelling mistakes you will notice there are only 2 catergories . ; 1 ; missing letters , and 2 ; to many and or wrong letters . if you count them for yourself they add up to 18 , careful the first time you do the count and be sure not to miss the M and the Y because the THE which follows on from IN PARADICE AND, can be either , 1 them 2 they , giving the total of 36 .. this gives us as follows; to many or wrong letters=8 and are EAECIAGR .. missing letters=10 and are SIITSMYWSN . what a coincidence !! moving on for now but bearing in mind we still got 3 anagrams to do , we still need to find the rest of the meter or range of the anagrams length , so in the same way as ED did it at the entrance with 36 to 44 we now take a look at Zs entrance, dated nov 29 1966, known as the CONFESSION , do notice the absolutely clear invitation to begin writing, i.e " the confession by " ________ ok NOW we need the count to be 44 which is follows ; the confession by she was young and beautiful but now . the temptation to write in zodiac and not using " but now " still gives you 44 but he hasn't asked you to sign it yet , ABIEH is eds manifesto and the confession is zodiacs manifesto its as simple as that.. moving on , the zodiac relied on the fact that you had to pinpoint his north via all the geographical coordinates he gave out etc .. so anagram 1 reads as follows ; N.S IS MY WITS ( the ns is north south) anagram 2 reads as follows ; C.I.A. AGREE. anagram 3 reads as follows ; THE I POEM IT BE HE RITE... the third line wont mean much to yous because the game for him was just beginning , the first poem is Hesiod , work and days, if you read it youll get it... lastly notice how he uses the I as a number 1 the same as ed has . only ed does with two to warm stay clear of the ends and show human reasonance.. every single one of letters does it and the button letters are bulletins as he goes including the desk .. anyway its beer oclock so all the best DVK
  • sorry I nearly forgot z did say those 3 parts of the puzzle would contain his identity when solved , and it certainly does . they will have me were his words, and the psychiatrist who evaluated him (if you google it) must of got his license by collecting the tops from kelloggs cornflakes for the free gift , in the 60s they did that a lot , sales etc. DVK
  • @ magneticus attractus one of my grandchildren is running around saying I READ FUCK ON GRANDADDDY DAVES LAPTOP WHAT DOES FUCK MEAN . for a godamn hour , my question is do you need tampons . we are in lock down here try understanding this fact , im offering up brain food do try and accept this , and take it down or stick elsewhere, best rule in life facts first feelings last , this situation hasn't even got started yet . and theres a way to go. D .V . K.....
  • Did you know I was a suspect for the green river killings?
  • im gonna make an honest statement now because I don't like what im reading . over the the years ive dechipered loads of them so ive shown you some of the sensational stuff, im simply laying out my credentials to the intended recipient in the public domain. being british and under different laws internationally with the accord being as such for higher purposes, though when discussed with the American embassy after some scrutiny my work was considered physical evidence and it was suggested I forward my findings to hank schreeder at 965 Sonoma avenue, santa rosa c.a. 95404. where the case is still live. so with this in the public domain it should get around the problem …. with the last line of the above statement being an endorsement of under age child sex|peadophilia lets hope it takes their interest . either way with birminghan university over here on the case with the americans via geo profiling it should get the attention it deserves DVK
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