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  • If you haven’t seen this already or didn’t realize it yet:

  • George Bush and his NWO. Just making room for more amazon military drones.

    The founding fathers already knew this day was coming.

    Long live the crown....
  • We need a call to action.
  • While the hospitals are empty

    Italian mortality questions:

    And if you can find it with english translation watch italian health minister talking about mortality reasons in Italy.

    In Slovakia there’s covid infected persons database available publicly. Ok there are no names, but age and exact address, so that anyone can find out who is sick:,17.095397000000048&z=9
    Plus they introduced law enabling mobile phones monitoring by default. No permissions needed, so they can track everyone who he is meeting, where is he going and whi knows what else.

    If everything else fails, here’s the message from your government :)

  • Just leave your phone at home and wrap in two layers of foil.
  • FYI I can not say much about the hospital situation as they are threatening termination to those who speak.

    All I will say is the CEO's made millions last year and now they report they are short on supplies.

    Sounds like mismanagement of money.
  • Yesterday’s stats:

    Slovakia: 192 positive, 1 death per 1 million population.
    Hungary: 182 positive, 16 deaths per 1M pop.
    Austria: 1616 positive, 46 deaths per 1M pop.
    Italy: 2794 positive, 367 deaths per 1M pop.
    USA: 2049 positive, 105 deaths per 1M pop.
    World: 283 positive, 19,1 deaths per 1M pop.

  • Well after using 35 gigabytes of data my provider has decided to limit my internet access speed.

    Per how many million tested?

    What is the accuracy of the tests?

    Notice any data missing?
  • Per how many tested and all other data is available at:

    For sure if you’d count in all that are staying sick at home, the deaths to infected ratio would be even less.
    Also it is well known fact that they count in any death with cv19. Not only of cv19.

  • Now the abortion funding is making cent's.

    I remember thinking donating plasma was using my body to make plasma television's.

    What would the perfect bioweapon look like?

    A protein powered nanoscale time bomb?

    Give it a extra kick with the tick of radioactive particles? Like smoking and whatever isotopes my lungs are full of.

    Maybe boost it with a Mobile wave to give it a push.

    Unfortunately I forgot to tune the pipes before I put it together. Positive side is I used the wrong line and I have to rebuild it.

    Clacker needs improvement.

    I figure if I get 23 bottles more, I will have a full case of corona.

    It is 5 O'Clock somewhere:)
    Grins and giggles look at the clock.
    4:52 4+5+2=9/11
    4:56 cause I lay out sticks.
    7,8 lay them straight.

    Still amazes me watching it boil at 90 degree's.

    Which reminds me I need to get a pressure gauge.

    Got the clock pumping air with a bike pump.
    Maybe next hook up the vacuum pump.

    Anyways I am not buying into the fear.

    Like I said, would love to talk about what I am hearing from hospital staff, but they are being threatened with termination.

    So I will point out the millions hospital CEO's and the understocked supply closet's.
  • edited April 2020
    Sum: A few thoughts regarding coronavirus

    A few years ago there was a devastating flu going around in North America killing tens of thousands of people. I remember reading how the hospitals were overwhelmed and had to put the overflow of bodies in trucks.

    People mistake 5G with the coronavirus, the effects of each are not even compatible. However, the general public has lost more of their privacy in recent times, civil rights groups have raised red flags since governments took away/altering civil liberties. 5G and the loss of your personal privacy are related.

    What hasn't been talked about recently: stock markets, trade wars etc.

    For about five years governments/ news agencies have been recommending the public to take the flu vaccine. People are on both sides of the fence, news agencies would often shame those who spoke against vaccination.

    Covid-19 vaccination? Will they make it mandatory? Or press fear onto the general public?
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