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Ed's Letter to the Editor of the Herald - 1941

Titled Unfair

For some reason they didn't spell his name properly, or he intentionally wrote it that way.


  • Wow, nice find!
  • Very interesting Dante, thank you for this. I have often wondered if Ed ever wrote other articles/editorials for newspapers other than his known advertisements.

    What I find interesting is that this is in The Dayton Herald. Am I correct that this is Dayton, Ohio? I wonder why that newspaper. Possibly it is owned by the same company as a paper in Florida and somehow got published in Ohio?

    Please post any other things you find.
  • hi dante , with a quick check the math adds up to eds specifications firstly, N I N are missing so with eds aid of the centres being a clue either side your IN . the last line should be 16 letters, first line ends at hate which has 39 letters , add the sums to get 246 then start with unfair ,the middle letter is T in the anagram and it will form 8 words, that first word is" truth"..
  • Lo dragon, angels worry

    My full name.

    Wonder who can figure it out....

    80 words total counting Ed and leedskal.

    Some papers charge per word.
  • @dvk
    I see what you mean
    Here is what I initially found

    The monetary value of 246
    The sum total of 69 in three cases,(beginning, body of text, end)

  • @OROLO
    I haven't seen anything else, I was lucky to find this one since I assume there were journalist who would often make mistakes with peoples names.

    Yes it was Dayton, Ohio
    Currently there are no duplicate articles in Florida of any kind, I believe you are right regarding several newspapers being owned by the same corporation. I have noticed this several times before.

  • Did I ever tail the story of Betsy the ¢@$# cow?

    George used to own the funeral home before he became a type setter for "the be confused" news.

    Seriously you did not want to come over to the house my father bought from George, that bar-B-que was not for steaks made with the cow. Sometimes my humor is morbid.

    I was pictured on the page titled "the living section" B1 on B2 was the obituaries. Barb's head was in my hand when you held the page 2 light.I would take a closer look at page 21? J-14
  • @dante the count i mentioned was meant in eds parametres i.e. 39 37 41 42 42 40 42 41 with the last line of 16 doing nothing till you add the last 10 letters edleedskal.. although the symmetry is clearly visible in what you posted , do you remember the mention of a visitors book, if you put out honey the bees will come and thier waggledance is mathmatical , and ed had a great home to make like minded friends . which means orolo with his question is the big clue, why dayton ohio ? 1941 is perfect timing also , so honest thanks lads. ok the last line with the sixteen and ten , the 16 is sweet as we know ,the 10 means death as a rule . so 26 letters to the anagram as read is TOO MUCH TOO UNFAIR ED LEEDSKAL becomes; a math friend could see look out.. so along with the secondary use of " who owns the zebra" found in line 16 0f 16 lines , this is a feast , so as he wrote one of them, he can then without doubt read .. I will post the lot on sunday on my site all the best DVK
  • @ dante in answer to the previous Q.A with you and orolo the Dayton herald 1940 to 1986 get swallowed up ,theres an archives there tons of clippings and broadsheets etc , at a glance there was other dailies he could have used which got me wondering , if im correct the Dayton offices were at 1611 south main street,its a long shot at the moment but gmaps and my protractor says interesting. being akin to geographical profiling is the best explanation at this point . the newspaper and eds gravesite appear equal to the C.C in degrees albeit crudely . it bothers me that theres only one use to the editor letter so far so with that letter being an oddity has he cast further afield ? its a big ask but you may already have it in your collection I would guess one more to the east, at least. any help appreciated as you ken … all the best DVK
  • @ D V K..The address was 111 East Fourth Street for the Dayton Herald. I suspect Ed did write a few more articles, if Ed wanted to reach a larger audience it wouldn't have been in local community papers. I post anything significant
    Every six and nine. 6- The only legible words are
    "Saturc" "Fruiy"
    9 - clear words, Amp Wand . If expanded Ampdi (then five mixed letters) Ed Roti Wand
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