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Please help with

I think I figured out how Ed lifted the rocks. I need someone who had the equipment try it out and see. It's all about the moon, moon energy is key. Way more simple than we think and is the reason why no one can figure it all out. We're thinking to big, like Einstein said, it should be as simple as possible but not any simpler


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    Ed's wheel has a lot of clues. The handle on Ed wheel represents the moon. The moon never changes its path, either do the Stars. The Stars move according to the moon.... They on the same track/wheel 😁
  • Moon makes earth's magnetic field goes vertical not horizontal?
  • They are 90° from each other
  • Only the outside turns, Earth remains still. In the picture notice under the lens flare there's a rectangle piece missing. Then look at a depiction of Atlantis. There is more levels of magnetic wheels going up to heaven. There's a rectangle piece missing from every magnetic wheel.
  • @gpringle77 if you understood Ed's theory of electricity (magnetic current) ask yourself how can the ground (Earth) absorb electricity.
  • Easy, it's a magnet. We know that part. When he turned the flywheel it sent the magnets down the hole in the ground, and out the top, notice he had chains hanging, the magnets are traveling the path of the metal.
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    Gpringle, the moon does not appear solid. Are we seeing projections on the firmament? Could it work like a "collimated display"? See this:

    Also, it is not clear that the moon is the cause of the tides, only that they are correlated.
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