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zythum fermentum

Or as AC/DC would say, "have a drink on me".

I was given a big dictionary and was curious what the last word in it was.

Thought about adding this word with Egyptian technology.

Figure some of you forget how to make compressed CO² gas.

For some reason pig bladders came to mind.

I guess all the talk about footballs.

My first thought on the word " football " is uranium devices.

Today football is the gas filled pig bladder.

When you think about how they were into preserving the flesh. They know the value of using these as water vessels.

In tennis it is a web of cat intestinal parts.

I remember in high school my math teacher was a chemistry teacher as well, one day he showed the effects of a broken egg soaked in 95% grain ethanol. It looks the same as a cooked egg.

Then I think how in a emergency a egg and some flour will seal a radiator leak.

Trismegistus. Azoth. Magnetic azimuth

To add a little twist.

1 pound of coal to boil one gallon of water.

1 cubic foot of water is 7.5 gallons and weighes 62.5 pounds.

A 1 inch pipe carries 4 times as much water as a 1/2 pipe.which carries 4 times as much as a 1/4 pipe.

.434 height in feet of column per cubit foot of water.

14.7 PSI at boiling.

Numbers in the bible....

Just need this saved for future reference.
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