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What's the long metal pole by Ed's flywheel?


  • It's the body of St. John the Baptist. The head has been removed, as he was beheaded by order of Herod, King of Judea in the story that symbolizes the so called "achemical beheading". The real day on which this happened long ago, precisely on September 11 in the Gregorian Calendar, is celebrated today to remember the moment in which the royalty of Judea undertook the task of hiding the technology that almost destroyed the planet 2000 years earlier.

    You have a funny nickname, I'll make a bag with you.
  • Wtf?? Is it a capacitor?
  • Is it a capacitor?

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    It's nice to have a few images of Eds Flywheel over time
    Close to 1950



    "Most FES systems use electricity to accelerate and decelerate the flywheel, but devices that directly use mechanical energy are being developed "

  • I don't suppose anyone would be willing to share the Sketchup model of Coral Castle?
  • wasn't it wonderful, I never knew the exact position of the flywheel in the tool room , and the view from the door is excellent, looking at it from my perspective I saw the spatial oddity in the head to hat ratio which is clearly well off, allowing for hes older and in so being sympathetic its moreso symbolic maybe , as it is a staged photo. with the deity type light around his head area in mind while he holds it, as turn... question for anybody; did ed have a visitors book dvk

  • In the older images it shows four separate pieces of? circled red

  • @dvk
    As far as I know there wasn't one for Ed, however I have read articles of guests signing a visitors book post 1951
  • dvk I never thought of it but I bet Ed did have a visitors book that would be great to see. Dante those pieces on the flywheel appear to be capping the bolts, bridging them, the spacing seems to match?... Sketchup models for Rock Gate and Ed's Place have been Greatly improved I still have a lot of details to add but majority of the work is done :) :) I hope to release updates sooner than later...
  • Actually the more I look the bolts are bare, it just appears like there is something darker in those spots because that is where the outer cavities of the clover are ... I think
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    You're right, especially when looking at the picture that includes his hat
    looking forward to the vids
  • I think a real prize is tucked away in a old filing cabinet at the legal end or would have been , via the exec , writing to make appointments etc , lists of wishes and wants, a trove of priceless graphology, the visitors book may have had a little forward or inducement as it is clear ed had a fondness of fun hints and comments that stir the mind , reader if for any reason you etc , with all his writings he must have developed a cognitive style. without doubt a window into the man.... all the best. dvk
  • Why does the third image look like she is holding a tool? I see the digging bar on the left side.

    One coil is copper, the other coil is iron. In black and white can you see the difference?

    Ed said the iron coil makes more magnets than the copper coil.
  • @viperousdraco I told you it's St. John the Baptist. What does the baptist do? He pours water, like Aquarius. On the head of Jesus, of course. Do you understand?

    With water Jesus was washing the feet of his disciples, 4 of which are Mark, Matthew, Luke and John. Three of these are represented on every cross as animals: a bull (Taurus), a lion (Leo), a bird (ancient symbol for Scorpio). Only one is represented as an angel: John. No, not the Baptist, another one, but coincidentally their name is the same. Guess why.

    These four zodiac signs are the so called "fixed signs" and they're the sectors of the zodiac where the energy output of the Sun is max or min during each of the four seasons. EDL used the same symbolism in the layout of his castle: the Moon fountain is Taurus, the Grotto of the Three bears is Scorpio, the Love table is Leo, and the Florida table is Aquarius. He used them to tell something. Understand what the zodiac is then. Understand what dims or strenghtens the Sun during the seasons.

    In the cathedral of Alexander Nevski there's an arc that spans to either sides of the tabernacle and on top of it there's a bull on one side and a Lion on the other. These two, you'll find also in Persepolis, in the Assyrian monuments of Syria, and in many other places. They're from the Mithraic rituals: Mithras covered with the head of a Lion slains the bull. And so the Sun rising in the sky like a Lion at the sunset reaches the bull, and you have the "rubedo" of alchemy, the blood of the bull covering Mithras.

    All the rituals (or so called "sacraments", today) of all religions of all ages have to do with universal magnetism, that is with alchemy, and with the real structure (and nature) of the solar system and the energy that powers it and builds all matter in it, and gives life to everything in it. The information has been encoded thousands of years ago by you know who.

    So anyway, it is St. John the Baptist. As I told you.
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