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Egyptian water clocks

Egyptian water clocks.
Look like water fountain's to me.
If you want to call it "air and water behavior" so be it.
The technobabble term I guess is water clocks.
"Dum de dum's" post I look at the second image top left, and see the moon is higher than the sun. Makes me wonder if time runs faster or slower in one of these water clocks depending on location of both.
So sorry for spouting off about water fountain's on a post about "Egyptian Hieroglyphics as Advanced Technological Schematics", try using a computer without a clock ticking away time. Sometimes I cannot think of the technical name for things. " Egyptian water bulb" kept bringing up people holding the " lightbulb drawing". When I finally found the water clock drawings on Google images I realized what they were called.

I thought maybe someone would notice the hourglass shape in my fountain. Maybe notice it acted as a obelisk as well. Funny I had my lapis azula pyramid sitting in plain sight and the small lapis azula obelisk. The Four sides of the pyramid are facing north,south,east,and west.

This image ^^^ is actually not pointing north. The output is facing south.

When I was baptized years ago I remember thinking how long it took to fill that oversized tub and how long for it to drain. And how long to clean it.
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The healing properties of water.
If an individual is magnetized with water this could act as a lens or a sensitivity to cosmic forces. I haven't experimented with that either.

Myself I was thinking about instead of plastic bottles using glass instead. Have to ask my neighbor if he could build it from glass for me. I know if one coil of copper wire is wrapped on the top bottle, the current will travel to a coil wrapped on the second bottle. Just connect one side of the "buzz coil" output to each bottle. I know this works. Just like cement batteries work if you have a gross amount. Why they produce different amounts of current depending on the time of the day is no mystery to me.

Fire needs air. Water blows air on fire. Water puts out fire.
A good servant, but a poor master.
A brew master knows how to TENd his fire to creATE what he desires.

When you die you urinate and soil yourself. So if John the Baptist drown you in a pool of water, that water would get nasty looking in no time flat.
Strange wood heated by fire purifies water. Charcoal.
Pea porridge in a P pot, how many days old?9.
So I milked my cow yesterday and 9 days from then would be the 26th.
And @dante I will let you know how my condensed soup turns out. I forgot our conversation about S & P traps was in a message.

We all know they figured out how to irrigate water.

Apparently in a timely matter.


  • @g11
    It should vary depending on the time of year
    The next three - five days... i'm curious as to notice a difference with your experiment?

    Most farmers these days de-horn? their cows...don't know if it has the same effect.
  • been ticking for over 12 hours.
    Things I noticed...
    1 The stop that keeps the cup from going to far up from the weight hanging on the other side needs to be just above level.
    2 the cup needs a slit just above the bottom to drain the water fast.
    3 the cup has to obtain enough water weight to balance on the way back up, then over fill the balance weight.
    4 most who have seen it, have no idea what it is other than they think it is interesting.

    Not sure if this video shows the swinging weight. It follows a strange path. With the cup down it swings towards the beam then away then the cup returns back up.
    This is where the surging of the water in the filter comes into play. And those S traps I spoke of before in the inbox. 1 ounce of weight is not much for this device to lift at a 1:1 ratio on the walking beam. Really doesn't take much water to offset 1 ounce of weight. At 1 to 1. My walking beam it 13 inches long between the weight line and the side of the cup. A 12 ounce can is 1 ounce on the scale in case you didn't know. Why with the cup tipped up the water runs to the side of the walking beam. When the cups starts to drop the water rushes to away from the beam and gets more leverage than the stagnant lead weight. Actually the lead weight is very dynamic. If the weight was mounted on the beam directly the weight would be stagnant.
    Kinda wish I built it better. But I used what garbage I could find around the house. 6 foot 1", a 8" bridge spike, 1 ounce fishing weight, part of a aluminum can(alcohol burner), and a piece of 2" x4" for a base.
    The cup side of the walking beam can't swing past the base. The weight side has a pin on the walking beam to stop it from dropping to low(hits the uprights)

    When I built this there is two sets of lines marking level and the cup stopped by the base. Very helpful for setting the stop pin.
    I know the right cup looks like a ice cream scoop.
    The weight part is what I was talking about with one armed bandits on oil well pumps. The walking beam pulls on a cable lifting the pump, then gravity returns the heavy pump parts back down.
    I know in this last video it was every 2 seconds to go a full cycle.
    Right now I am noticing it has a four stroke sound, fills,dumps,dings,fills,dump, no ding. Every other cycle you hear it hit the stop pin.
    I am wasting dump water. It should purge the filter just enough to fill the cup, then the flow should be just a trickle until the cup returns and the water surges again. I'll work on it more later. Back and neck has been bothering me, so I am limited on what I can tinker with. Want to build one that will drop a 8 pound hammer over and over, just to show how much work a simple walking beam water clock could do. If I could afford the pumps and the timbers I would have the fountain head hung in the tripod.

    From two points it is very wobbly. So I had to weave a line from the uprights to keep the top heavy bottles upright. In a tripod the three larks head loops lead to each leg of the tripod above. And a small weave above yoking the three lines will hold the bottles level. I noticed the shape of the bottles does interesting things with sunny day I will try to get some photos or video of it.

    Something's I know what it looks like but I didn't know the names like "escapement's" or "water clock". To me it was a " ratchet " and a "water fountain".
    Next I will start growing water grass just to weave them to make natural filters in clay pots.
    Maybe show how water beats vegetables to a pulp. Then make paper to cut with scissors. Then write a story about it. Look in the nose of the cow for the mucas to hold the fiber's together.
    Ever made bamboo pipes? Maybe seen a blow dart gun? Have you ever bent a board using hot water? Bamboo can be bent as well. Granted they won't last long because they rot, so you form clay around the shape, and the plant is reduced to carbon when the clay is fired. Or just make a tea pot with a longer pour spout. Steam pressure pushes water to the point of siphoning. A few check valves and cold water fills the space in the tea pot. Condenses steam and causes a vacuum. Bringing in a volume of water, pot cools and water starts to heat up again. Not sure if I will get around to modifying my pressure cooker to show how this works for the geyser. Funny how a rock ball makes a good check valve if the weight of the ball is the right amount to the water pressure. In a shop vac it is a floating ball that acts as a check valve. A ballcock on a toilet is a floating ball that closes the valve.

    My drawing is far from perfect but explains what is going on. Or how if I did it right the first time. My cup I had to cut because I had the walking beam set to stop at level, not realizing the water weight had to shift sides.

    The fisherman is actually looking to the right.

    Like watching the weight go up even though it is really traveling down. See if I can time my shot correctly..

    As above, so below.
  • So I made a few modification's to the design.
    1. I made the water cup longer.
    2. This increases leverage as the water drops then increases distance from the fulcrum.
    3. Had the increase dead weight hanging on the other end of the walking beam.
    4. Added a second dead weight to act as the tool.
    Apparently when it rains it increases friction on the fulcrum beam to the walking beam. And the water would just balance the weight to water flow ratio.

    Next tests will see how long it takes to siphon 5 gallons of water through a 1/4 tube and how many work cycles per five gallons of water.

    Starting to think working at night would be best cause it is cooler and the water becomes more dense. Got a copper pipe banging away at granite to see what damage a small amount of weight hitting granite will do. Wonder how cheap I could get a 16 pound hammer.

  • So after about a day the 8 inch nail is inflicting damage to the limestone after just one day with a slow trickle of water.

    Hitting a broad area, the white is what has been chipped away by the repetitive strikes.

    Not sure if you can see how I notched the one bottle on the top. Then used the pour spout of the bottle to make a compression seal to the second bottle. I cut a hole in the second bottle so it drains after the beam side bottle empties.once both ends have emptied it drops that spike on the ground. The lapis lazuli stone keeps tension on the line to offset the weight of the empty water collectors. When the spike hits you can see the slack in the line between the stone and spike. Then as it refills the collector it takes up the slack, then the water weight shifts and it drops fast.
    So I agree with the statement, "running water will cut holes in the hardest of rocks".
    At first it does not look like it is doing much. After hours you start seeing wear marks.

    All that talk about cattle, got me thinking "how to rope that bull". Some reason it looks like a bull to me. Just yoked to a heavy weight.
    Added the " horns" to the end of the walking beam so the rope could be held. Both ends of the rope are connected at the fulcrum beam. Then the end of the loop is held by the 1 ounce weight. When I get some extra cash I will make the water collector out of PVC pipe and just use end caps and drill holes in the pipe. One end cap secure to the beam. And the other end cap a drain hole. A 4x4 walking beam 8 feet long. And a forty pound weight, just to show what a little running water can do. Figured out a few ways to use the "tool" connected to the "bull". And I also need to rig some switches to discharge the " buzz coil" capacitor.
  • So I got some guitar strings.

    .056 was the largest diameter and they didn't have .021 so I got .022 diameter string.

    The .056 cuts pretty fast but gets stuck a lot from friction. .022 doesn't get stuck as often but doesn't cut much by friction alone. Been raining so I don't dare hook the HV into the system. Ben Franklin showed the dry kite string doesn't conduct very well. Why a added the metal wound guitar string.

    Don't think water is the best way to power the device. Well maybe if I could get it to cycle a little faster.

    A gasoline motor turns way to fast to do this. Maybe a small pulley on a electric motor and a big pulley on the drive arm.

    Either way it still works to cut straight lines. Just remember to flush kurf with water. You will get mud collecting on the string.

    Weight on the second beam keeps tension on the cutting wire. More weight, more tension and more friction. Should be nice weather the next few days so I will try and connect the buzz coil in the mix. And i should see faster cutting start taking place if I connect it correctly. Now I am seeing how the mason tools work for other things. The level is a walking beam. The plumb Bob is the weight. The square is a strange way to work the beam. (I'll explain later) as things progress. The tool Ed is pictured with.speaking of plummets. I need to find mine. Got a nice one around here somewhere, 4 ounces I think. I got the scales. To show how the shifting center of balance increases/decreases during swing on the beam. Need to find a hanging scale as well. Friend has a fish one.

    Anyways the clock is still running just not as fast since I haven't increased the water input but increased the load. About 30 seconds per cycle. My bubbler is perchlorating for about 30 seconds then stops for 30 seconds. Air pressure dumps then has to build up pressure again.

    So keep looking at the stars trying to figure out horoscopes.

    Horology is the scientific study of time. Specifically, horology involves the measurement of time and the making of clocks. You need a small leap of imagination to see hour in horology, but if you do, you've pretty much nailed the meaning: it refers to the study of time and the art of making timepieces.
  • So those who like measurements...
    My walking beam is pivoting from 3 inches above at 12 inches from the fulcrum to a 9 inch drop below at 12 inches from the fulcrum. So I have 1 foot of travel at 1 foot away from the fulcrum.

    Not sure if it is the demand for power that is changing my flow rate on my pump or if the prefilter is simply clogged with gunk. Back flushing does help some.

    Contraption is completely moody. Not enough lift pressure and the siphon return takes to much water from the filter inducing air. To much pressure and the filter floods and no air.

    I think I might build bellows to fan a fire. That or a slide pump like for bike tires.

  • edited July 2019
    So to my surprise I woke up this morning to my 8 ounce plummet actually had started digging a hole in granite after one night of running. Now I understand why brute force is not needed. It is the multitude of strikes doing the work.

    Found myself singing to the rocks again. Banjos and blowing horns.

    My hammer will smash it in.

    Had to move the fulcrum for this heavy weight.

  • Decided to see how long bone crusher takes to cut a dime in half. I think I need more drop on the chisel. After moving the fulcrum the cup likes to bottom out on the teapot. Poor planning on the teapot mount.

    Not going to explain things. Clues are in plain sight.

    Landlord decided to replace rotten deck boards after painting so now all my water projects are on hold. One fish decided it wanted back in the dry reservoir and died. Fish are not happy in a five gallon bucket. I think it was they are used to hiding under a rock so I put a cover on the bucket so hopefully no more jumpers.

    FYI a ported box around the speaker will change the frequency Of the switching. I forget why back pressure is important. With a speaker it compresses on contact then air pushes back on the speaker. The video it just returns to rest. Primitive but works.
    Two speakers in a enclosed location the the first switch pulls the second speaker causing the second speaker to make contact and it pulls back on the first speaker. Ramping the voltage and amperage will lower or raise the frequency. Less current the switches last longer.

    Built by one man has things kind of backwards. He uses so many battery's cause he uses magnets to lift the weight not accelerate the weight down.

    Springs should be lifting the weight. And magnets on iron should be pushing down when the coil makes contact. Springs pull the magnets back through the coil core. Might need a capacitor to hold the recoil charge.... I'll put it on my "to do" list. Going to have to buy some parts most likely. Should just invest in a 20 pound digging bar. Although I do have this at my disposal...

    Bet this would dig faster than a 8 ounce plumb Bob. Chisel is to wide and to light to inflict much damage. It does make dust out of granite but takes to long.

    I did find it interesting the cup never laid down the chisel. Chisel would hit bounce rest ring lift.repeat.

    Granite butter was interesting to see. Just oil your tool and you will see what I call butter.
  • So I woke up this morning and everything was frozen except the fountain reservoir had ice on top.

    My porch has got ice all over where lines apparently kept pumping water after things like the plumb got stuck to the granite. Hopefully none of the lines broke. My bubbles are full of frozen water.

    Truth is it is a F___ing mess.

    So how to keep the water above freezing and not kill the fish.

    Part of me says try pipe wrap and part says use copper pipes and heat tape.

    Not sure how to solve this problem. Can't add salt or alcohol to lower the freezing point cause that would kill the fish. Can't wait till the pond is finished so I can put the fish in there and not have to worry about killing my koi.

    Even the rolling rock is frozen to the base.

    At least the magnets like cold.

    Need to learn how to use induction heating. Wonder if I just put the submerged light back in if it will stay warm enough to not freeze. Doubt it.

    Been quiet for a while so I figured I should post something.

  • And slightly more of a pain.

    So after a couple of plastic bottles the drain is still not right with the half gallon jug.

    First drain was air locking. So I added a bigger drain before realizing I needed a vent. So after adding a vent it was draining too fast and finding the balance.

    So #1 went in the trash and I made #2.

    Number two had just over a two minute cycle, about 30 seconds to drain. Ended up adding small drain holes at the tipping point and added vent holes. Ended up too many drains and vents.

    So #2 went in the trash can.

    #3 I decided to make a vent pipe to go into the half gallon jug. 1/4 tubing with drilled out fish line floats. This keeps the end of the tube floating on the water inside the jug. The two holes I made for drains were too low on the bottle so I ended up putting pipes into the bottle. U shape so the bottle has to almost completely fill before they self siphon and allow the beam to return up, they continue to siphon after the tool is at rest, so this tells me I need more siphons.

    Like during the monsoon last week. Had to put three siphons on the pool to get the large amount of water on the cover and one hose filling the pool to replace the displaced water. Skimmer goes dry the pump airlocks and burns up.

    So I am debating on how to make more drainage on the bottle, except it is hard to drill thin plastic, the reason I fill them with water then freeze the water then drill the bottle.

    I think part of my issue is the water side of the beam is not going down far enough. I'll check the beam pitch later. I know it is not 9/12 like it was before.

    Part of me says to move the fulcrum closer to the weight. But I don't have enough height on my fulcrum.

    Part of me wanted to take a picture of the wooden cross I made to support the fulcrum.
    Maybe in the next few days I will add my 4 pound wedge and see how loud of a thud it makes when hitting stone. The double 18 inch form pins are fairly loud even though it is not swinging very fast, only one strikes the rock. The other just floats in the air.

    Part of me says just raise the base higher. Maybe invest in some bricks.

    Funny all the steps it takes to get from start to finish.

    I know I won't be happy till I have it lifting a sixteen pound digger.


  • 4 pounds being lifted. Still not dropping weight fast enough.

    Well at least it is bouncing off the rock so I know it is kind of working.

    See what kind of hole I have in the morning.

  • So changed the drains.

    Is dropping faster.

    After moving the fulcrum around 5-6 inches towards the tool side it was lifting around 8 pounds.
    Kinda interesting watching that four pound wedge bounce off the lime stone.

    Anyways happy new year.
  • @Magneticus_Attractus
    Nice work on those contraptions. Could you somehow put water into a vortex using vibration on top of the stone you are trying to drill and let that cutting stone spin around in the vortex? Or even drop a copper pipe spinning in water that is constantly spinning I can’t add a video so here is a pic. I added this plastic globe to my vibrating tumbler shaft and it created a spinning tornado vortex. I was thinking to get sun to magnify In the water as well but it was a cloudy day.
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