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  • The energy that everything is made of - call it magnetism, ether, spirit, or what you will - is actually alive. That's why Edward wrote the pamphlet "Mineral Life" referring to an actual life of inanimate matter and seemingly following the footsteps of great alchemist Julien (or Jean-Julien) Champagne, a.k.a. Fulcanelli.

    As Ighina seemingly also understood, all matter is made by a rhythm that is defined by the orbiting/oscillation/vibration of rings of energy, or light (Zodiac anyone?) around a magnetic center - his "magnetic atom" - similarly to what Shaltenbrand envisioned when he devised his periodic table.

    But anyone bothers to read about the time when Fulcanelli/Champagne allegedly almost achieved the realization of the so called Philosopher's Stone (big deception there), one cannot possibly believe that Chemistry & Alchemy have to do with Vinegar and Mercury: strange lights similar to the Aurora Borealis were seen over Paris at that time, and there was also a big explosion if memory doesn't fail me. As Fulcanelli/Champagne later clarified, atomic bonds which nowadays are interpreted as electrical (as in electron-related) phenomena are merely manifestations of the works of "resonance" happening within the atom. It's all connected to the theory of the heavenly spheres and Pythagoras' view of the universe - the "spheres" are images that the greeks used to intuitively represent transforms like Fourier's.

    This energy, the spirit, is actually alive like a person and it's what builds the actual body of the person: hard tissues like teeth and bones come up in the fetus starting from a single cell (the jaw - the royal arch - is the first bone that forms inside the fetus). With water inside, in the cell, and water outside, in the womb.

    But Edward didn't know much about alchemy and only grasped the general principle and a couple of practical implementations, so he never understood how the trasmutation of matter works. He probably didn't have enough background/education to understand where and how the hiding took place in history.
  • "Nicholas Flammel : his exposition of the hieroglyphical figures which he caused to be painted upon an arch in St. Innocents church yard in Paris : concerning both the theory and practice of the philosophers stone"

    Revelation 2:27 - He shall rule them with a rod of iron

  • This is an interesting topic. That spiraling periodic "table" reminds me of "planets" spiraling above the earth.
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    This is _the_ topic, Gardener.

    Hercules (the Sun, Jesus) was born and had to fight with serpents, just like Neptune had serpents coming out of the water around him. Medusa had runaway serpents coming out of her head and her power was to turn people into stone. Aquarius is at times depicted as a man that pours water with his head covered, and Both Medusa and St. John the Baptist end up with their head cut off...

    Serpents of the caduceus symbolized healing the sick and making miracles for the people. Jesus used to heal the sick, people were coming from all over Syria to him....just like the Philosophers' stone did.

    Then these Serpents were used to cause great harm. When they subdued peace and justice ensued: Our Lady Mary crushes the serpent with her foot, just like Athena Parthenos.

    The hiding goes back thousands of years. They did it for peace. But the story today is unfolding in a different manner...

    I was caught by a great sadness these last few days.
    I'm not sure if unearthing this knowledge is the right thing to do.
  • Lady Mary
    Stopping the serpent from going "south" of the meridian

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