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  • What happened when you build this?
  • I didn't build this. Only made smaller version of this. But I dont know how it possible to have any electricity, from these kilograms of iron.
  • Hmm.. that looks interesting.

    I don't think you should get any electricity out of it @BetweenStars
  • Old secret on the railroad...
    Those pair of rails pick up electric from the air.
    Notice how the cross bars operate. Train axle completes the circuit. One rail is charged + and the other rail charged -.
    I remember asking when I was younger why there was a cable linking the rail sections. But not always.

    Walked the rails often when I was younger.
    Like to catch a train do it as it comes into town, they slow down.

    First time riding on a train was a freight train engine. Met the engineer and crew while having dinner with my mother. Never forget the sound that diesel engine made as first they throttle up the diesel motor then start applying power to the electric motors.

    I know other people have figured out how to pull power from the air from ionic charges.

    A hundred years ago there wasn't much to be used. Now there is tons of it flying around from man made source's.

    You cable is what has my curiosity. I know the more fine strand's the cable has the better things work.

    Years ago I made a tool that did nothing except twist wires together as it pulled wire from multiple spools at one time.

    So I got wondering about weight and diameter of the cables. Type of metal. The vague points of the device you mentioned above.

    You know a hundred strand 1/2 cable verses a 300 strand 1/2 cable. Twisted clockwise or twisted counter clockwise?

    Just questions of curiosity.

    Myself I've been tinkering with various projects.

    And this one I figured would work since I know long lengths of track and wires do charge from ions in the air.

    Like one woman said to me. Her beauty had nothing to do with smoke attracting to her, it had to do with ionic charges. I told her she was not my type cause she was to educated.

    But I knew she was right.

    Just like if I wear the right combination of clothing I can super charge as I move around.

    I know Ed was sand bagging cause he put heavy iron in his boots.

    Every tired riding a bike with heavy boots?

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