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Delta G - Leedskalnin

One day I had a thought if there was a sort of Delta Force relating to " G "
I found this book Delta G written by David J Crawford

" As an investigation by the Air Force to discover the cause of orbital shifts and targeting errors occurring with ICBM warheads, satellites, and space shuttles unfolds, the amazing secrets of the universe are discovered. The search for these answers takes Major Dave Sheridan on a twenty-five year quest from the top of the world, to remote deserts, tropical waters, and onto Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. What he finds involves gravitational and bizarre torsional waves that shape the very fabric of time and space. Follow Major Dave Sheridan and Delta G program as they discover and harness these forces "

I must say this author has done a very nice job in explaining scientific phenomena ( torsional waves, MASER energy and more ) I found a few parallels to my thoughts on EDM tools, a vast array of topics which leads one to do more research.
This science fiction story talks about in short how Edward Leedskalnin cut his blocks, and the relevance of 7129/6105195, amongst many many other topics.
Don't take my word for it.....
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