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Certificate of Naturalization


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  • Okay, I'm gonna clarify a few things here.
    Charlie is right... kinda...
    Ed's forms are as follows
    1. His draft exemption card, this form has no date, but was filled out as ed was crossing the oregon/canada broder.
    2, his certificate of arrival, stating he arrived in NY, under the name Eduard Letzkalin april 6 1912, and was issued on Oct, 31 1941, in order to fill out the next form for citizenship...
    3. Declaration of intention, which Charlie has links to above... you see where ed had to show proof of his arrival, hence the form of arrival he had to get the year before. Dec of intention was dated Jan 19, 1942
    4. Petition for naturalization, charlie this is the form that both the 7129 and 6105195 appear on... and this is the most important form ed filled out, and where he left the most clues... heres a copy of front and back, it was issued on May 17, 1944
    5. after he took the oath of citizenship, ed was issued a certificate of naturalization, the 'COPY' we keep seeing everywhere

    So yes Charlie, those numbers are important, important enough to carve twice into stone, and they both appear on ed's final form before being issued citizenship, again, on the form ed knew would be archived forever, and why I have copies of the original, cause they still exist, cant be stolen or disappear, safe and sound in a file kept by US Gov...
    Thats the solid truth about ed's forms, and their order... I have copies if anyone wants to debate it.
    Wether ed asked for these numbers, or bided his time to obtain them, or wether he simply used them to his advantage, is still debatable, I think ed was patient, and knew the right people to get what he was looking for, because he knew what he wanted to leave behind.
    Anyway, stop arguing about the forms, if you want to see them yourself, go to the archives and check them out, these are the facts I know to be true, and anything else is speculation.
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    @poughkeepsieblue------ after two years ,the result is still the same----fake.

    after 1951/52 the US government changed the way of record keeping----just google it.
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    Can you notice the picture is different ?-

  • Yes, I have that doc. Much nicer picture.
    Starting to convince me on that cert.
    You found him too eh...
  • Man, there is a lot of information on that document and it appears that he wrote every word.
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    @Magnetic_Universe -- I agree ---
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