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Precise measurements of objects in Ed's setup

Hey guys, sorry for the questions if they've been answered already (couldn't find any info on this). I'd like to know:

Does anyone have precise measurements of any of the objects in Ed's setup? (pole, logs, etc. ...flywheel is 50cm, I believe, the pipes under the flywheel, etc.).
And is there a reason why size should matter? (for the flywheel &/or other pieces and the transmission of electricity/magnetism). That is, is it possible that an undersized flywheel won't work because of its size (maybe the strength of the magnets...)?



  • @royalblue I don't know why, but my wife keeps telling me that size does matter :D :D :D
  • I've complained many times my new magnet wheel is too small. And turns way to fast. Funny today I had the opportunity to fix a baby hedge hog(weed whacker with wheels) after a few minutes of removing dust covers I discovered the issue and why it suddenly died. The timing belt had jumped off while a valve was still open(explained the lack of compression). So after many attempts at setting the timing belt, I noticed a timing mark on the cam gear. Put the piston in what felt like TDC and put the timing gear at TDC and putt,putt,putt went the motor. I first tried setting the timing belt by the magnets on the flywheel and the coil. That didn't work but I heard it fire with the exhaust valve open. So I knew that was wrong. Saved some time by not having to tear down the whole motor and finding the timing mark on the crank shaft gear.just like the sun dial has timing marks.
    Gardener is right size does matter. Timing gears don't turn 1:1, the crank gear turns twice to the cam gear once. At least on a single cylinder 4 stroke motor. Why I tell people to look at all the missing Ford parts. Take the rear end gear box. Which could be used for pulling. How many times does the shaft turn to how many turns of the wheel? I know he used gear boxes, cause I seen the one hanging he was lifting stones with. What I don't know is the ratio's of the gear boxes. Ever watch the amusement park ride's, and try to figure out what gear ratio the different rides use? Kind amazing how a little gear turning can move a big gear attached to a multi ton device.
    Trpods check into moving and setting headstones. Space between legs to the height of the tirpod. They even use rollers like Ed to move the heavy block into location before resetting the tripod. First tripod lifts it on the rollers, then you move the headstone on rollers, then lift it again to remove the rollers.abutment of the wall blocks is easy if you lift the block with the tripods center of gravity slightly towards the set block. This way the second block leans on the first block, pressing them together. Two legs on both sides of the first set block, and the third leg goes behind the second block. Truth is the center of the tripod only has to be off by a inch to pull those two blocks snug together. Don't forget to cable the legs, so they don't slide out on you when you lift. There is a ratio here of height of tripod to distance from leg to leg. I forget the exact ratio.3 height to 1 width or something like that. Like a 3 foot tall tripod the distance between legs is 1 foot. A thirty foot tall tripod the feet should be about ten feet apart. I forget the maximum angle of the legs, which is confusing to me. Cause you measure the angle from the top of the tripod. 30° angle is the maximum I think. My guess is Ed used that box on top to hold levels. Adjust the leg cables to put the top of the tripod level. My new magnet wheel is actually balanced on top of my tripod. Nothing holds it in place but gravity. Finding the center of gravity is always fun.

    I know there is a ton of junk on my tripod. All in balance. My 2 foot by 2 foot table has a hole in the center for the top of the tripod to go through. Gravity holds it in place.
    If I get enough mass on the new wheel I can slow it down. I could also add a variable resistor to the coils driving the wheel to slow it down. Why I always see that flywheel acting as a timing gear. And the clover in the center is like a cam lobe. Or the lobe on the points of a ignition system. These days magnets are used for timing gears in motors. Hall sensor and a magnetic gear. Solenoid relays to power.a little current to a larger current. For me I am having a hard time getting the high voltage transformer to consistently spark. I know my homemade switch is most of my problem. Sometimes when I connect the MOT parallel with the drive coils I get a bright purplish blue light from the switch and the carbon rod starts getting super hot. When the MOT actually jumps a gap , the switch is the normal color of yellowish white. I honestly think I need to just scrape this on and rebuild the first one. Really not hard to draw a 5.5 inch circle on a 5/8 piece of wood and find where 10 degrees equals 1 inch with a T square. And mark the centers. Buying the 36 1 inch by a quarter inch round magnet's. Drill 18 holes on one side a 1/4 inch deep then flip it over and drill the other side with 18 more holes 1/4 deep. This leaves a 1/8 inch of space between the magnets. Then place the magnets in the holes so each pair tries to attract the other. Then alternate the poles going around. How I would get the sand to march. Too fast and it starts looking like a record with the rings of sand. At a slow speed the sand would march end over end. This is where I started to experiment with stationary magnets and spinning vessel's with magnetic sand. I used 12 empty CO² cartridge's and 24 neo magnets maybe 36. On one side of the metal bottle attach 2 or 3(depending if you use 24/36 magnets) facing the same pole of the magnets. On the other side 180° place 3 more of the same pole. Funny with six super strong magnets on that bottle it becomes that pole of the magnets. Now stick another bottle to each side and place the opposite poles to it. After 12 bottles are in a loop you now have a large surface area of magnetic force. FYI push the magnets as close as you can on the bottles sides. Funny how a iron bar if ground to a point on one end then using magnets to that point that iron bar will rock back and forth as the magnets on the flywheel pass. This was the best switch I have made so far. A tuning fork on both sides of the swing of the iron rod and you can control the speed by the distance of the tuning forks width. If the prongs of the U shaped iron have a gap of 2 inches like my old wheel. You will see the ten degree spaces that effect the spin. Just like a normal gasoline motor I found you sometimes have to advance the timing. I found for switches two different types of material works best. Like iron to iron will not only stick because of magnetism but will also weld together unless it is a large area surface contact. Kinda makes sense they found tuning forks in graves. Prongs latched together with rope. They had iron and copper tools to work that gold. Takes a lot of work to operate the bellows for a clay furnace to melt a rock with iron in it. Takes a lot of work to make the charcoal for the fire. I was taught to place chunks of wood in a metal container that can be sealed. Like a 55 gallon metal drum with a lid. Poke a hole in the center of the lid with a small nail. Build a small fire under the barrel. After a while smoke will start coming out the hole in the lid. Light this smoke with a match, the smoke should light and will stay burning until the charcoal is done. Allow to cool and you have charcoal. Sulfur is hard to find, but salt peter you can find in the garden if you know where to look. Water is pretty easy to find. I could easily explain all the broken bottles in the quarry. Reason they say "fire in the hole". I know with quart mason jars it is 3/4 full of lime with a small hole in the lid if you are fishing. Just add water and decalcified lime starts a exothermic reaction. Once again you need fire to process the stone. She sells sea Shell's by the sea shore. FYI oyster shells. Lime comes in many forms if you know what/where to look. Set in stone. Building blocks. Tap a form of a cement block with a steady rhythm with a big hammer as the cement sets. What happens? What effects does the consistent shock wave have on cement? 2BC
  • The voltage varies over the normal range of engine speed from a low of 4 volts to a high of over 30 volts with sufficient current capacity to operate the coil. The sixteen positive and negative peaks of this signal are separated by 22.5 degrees of crankshaft revolution. The significance of this last point will beexplained later.
  • @g11 thanks for the long post. Nice setup. From what I've been able to read, the voltage should not be too much to stimulate plant growth.
    What plants are you experimenting with?
  • If I was to pass electrical current through the plant it would be burned like me. Why I said leave the positive and negative floating(not connected). Back to my experiment with a coiled bottle with a magnet spinning in the bottle. With rabbit ears connected to the leads on the bottle. If you attach a volt meter you should see voltage changes. Recently all I am growing is corn. Some of it is too cold maybe. 3 different types of hybrid's. Maybe not enough light.waiting till the 15th of April to move them outside.

    As you can see some are dying and some are still doing well. Might have simply started them inside to soon. Wife has been bugging me about power usage. So I haven't keep the house as warm as I was. Project X needs heat to produce the by-product of what the corn is for. Would turn up the heat to about 80 degrees when no one was home and heat a small part of the house. First run I got just under a half gallon from 6 liters of old Dr Pepper. For some reason I never drink the last little bit in the bottle, so I started marrying old bottles till I have a full bottle. Add about 2 cups of sugar then heat it to a simmer, not boiling. Let it cool down to less than 120 degrees then add yeast. Let it sit for a few days venting through a 1/4 inch air tube to another bottle of plain water. Your first batch will be fast to breed if you keep it warm. The next batch will take longer if you use the sour mash. Siphon off the liquid when it goes from dark brown to a light yellowish color. Add more corn liquid corn sugar to the bottle and wait some more. After you have enough you put it in the pressure cooker. My condenser is 21 feet long and about 10 is kept in cold water. At about 3 on my stove top is ideal for the condenser. At 4 with no water around the condenser I could blow steam at 26 feet. With water I reduced the condenser to 21 feet and get a steady drip at 3. Takes about 20 to 30 minutes before it starts dripping. What comes out is very flammable for the next 30 minutes. Kinda regret not putting a P trap on the end of the condenser. Not going to try and light the end of the condenser without one. A P trap would stop the flame from getting back to the pressure cooker and making a big bang. My pressure cooker lacks a pressure gauge and I am not trying to blow things up or make any claims on insurance. About soiled myself when I heard that hissing sound of water hitting something hot and noticed my lid was leaking on the burner. Got it sealed before a fire started. I guess they call it fire water for a reason. In the light you can barely see the flames. Took two runs before I got about 2 cups of rubbing alcohol it tastes and smells like. Another 2 cups of I'm not sure if I would drink it. And the third bottle tastes terrible but is probably safe to drink. Tap water tastes different after I run it through still.

    Flour and water to make the putty to seal leaks. Notice the cone around the fittings on the pressure cooker. Notice the cans inside the condenser. That 1/4 inch tubing can't support the weight of the condenser coil. So the cans will stack giving the coil support. Only other choice I had was the PVC pipe I coiled it on. That started smelling funny when the condenser got hot. On a limited budget so I have to work with what I can find in my travels.
    If you cut a notch in the end of the pipe it makes coiling the tube much easier. Don't use BRUTE FORCE. For me I rub the tubing to make it warm then gentle bend it to shape. Like how people bend spoons. The look on the jeweler's face when I broke a tungsten carbide ring with nothing but my hands they didn't know what to say other than "I've never seen someone do that before". They never questioned the next two times it had to be replaced why It broke. Second time it shattered and I found most of the piece's. Third time it only cracked. Then I stopped wearing it. I know I am slightly different than other humans. Small like Ed and wonder if it is simply things I eat like a poison arrow frog. I know my state of mind will affect electronic devices. Past weekend was a prime example. As soon as I went over to a friends to watch a broadcast, the television became all pixelated until I said I was leaving then the signal was fine. Sometimes I have to walk away from my phone or it starts acting strange. Can't tell you why. I just know some of the cause/effect. For a while after the car accident, it was high humidity and a car door and my headphones attached. my phone would start playing music. Creeped me out for a while till I talked to some I.T. people and they confirmed that some are like electric eel's to electronics's. Kind of like finding out miracle grow and aluminum foil caused the corn to not grow.well one did grow. Put it outside, figured that one is a survivor and it might survive the outside. Only about a inch tall where in the house I have ones over a foot tall. Both planted at the same time. Same soil, same light. One set given water "A" and the other water "B". The group inside is crowded. So they need to be moved outside. Got 6 days to get my outside gardens ready. Got 3 places I am going to try growing them to maturity. Hopefully I can tell the 3 types of GMO hybrid's and selectively breed them to make other hybrid's. I grew up around hybrid corn. My first job was working in the corn. How I learned about chemicals and why we were only pulling tassels from different rows. While they had lawn mowers on stilts. That could mow 8 rows of corn at a time. We were pulling tassels from the 16 rows in between. They would now the 8 rows when it was pollination time. We were sterilizing 16 by pulling the tassel before maturity. So the mowers would spread the pollen from 8 to cover the area of 24. Then they harvest with 3 different combines. 1-8 is self pollinated. Inbreeds. And 9-24 is hybrid's. Most picking heads on combines are 8 rows. Why they use 3 at one time. And 3 trucks to load it in. Next step is you try to grow the hybrid's and some you fed to livestock. Why I tell people if I eat corn fed beef I get big. On grass fed beef I get thin. I'll write to the limit then continue later.some chemicals make the corn resistant to insect's, why they use mowers instead of bee's. Some chemicals make them resistant to molds and fungus. Some chemicals are applied before germination. And some are applied after. Anhydrous ammonia is injected to the soil. Never forget the story of the farmer whose line started leaking, he got gassed and fell off the tractor. At first they couldn't find him or the tractor. Then someone found his tractor in a creek, they followed the tread marks back to the farmer that got tilled in the Field. Meet many who have lost fingers cause they got pinched between the cable and the pulley. Look at a torsion bar on a garage door. Ever tension a torsion bar before? Try a long lever. With a 16 foot 4x4 I could tip a car over just by walking on the 4x4. Edge of the car 2 inches below the fulcrum, 1 foot the bottom of the beam is 6 inches below the top of the fulcrum. The other 15 feet will hold the beam in place while I walk past the fulcrum on the beam. My 110 pounds of weight will deliver 1400 foot pounds of force on the side of the car. I know I can carry a 16 foot 4x4. I know Around 13.75 gallons of water can replace my weight at the end of the beam. Simple siphons can move water long distances. During the winter months I am frequently starting siphons to drain the pool cover. Simple S trap will keep the siphon going till it stops raining. Then I drop the end of the hose lower to completely drain it after it stops raining. 2BC
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