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Original "A Book In Every Home"?

I recently acquired what I thought was an original ABIEH and there are a few surprises...



  • @Magnetic_Universe

    Unfortunately this isn't an original, I have this "version" also and posted a few years ago in order to compare with the other versions
    These pictures are of Ed at various ages
    Pictures of Ed at 49 or earlier would be appropriate
    Ed is older when pointing to his personal information and with the flywheel
  • Would you say this version was produced and published by Ed? He has referred to himself in the 3rd person on another occasion. This version also includes the specs/stats pages in the back...
  • The stats page was produced by Levin, he also added the additional preface to A Book in Every Home in another version providing a mini history lesson on Ed leading up to his death.
    There was an anniversary editon in the 1970s with reproductions of Eds postcard

    Ed took several photos and ensured that he placed the title "Rock Gate" in them also

    Ed moved "Ed's Place" in 1939, that leaves only 3 years to sell or give away copies of A Book in Every Home. The versions produced in 1936 and a few years after are extremely rare

    The version you posted has two photos from Ed's Place, the front cover and the last photo inside the book. The rest are from the current site Rock Gate Park
    I don't doubt for a second that Ed changed the photos over time to incorporate new images from Rock Gate Park

    On the forum there is another thread stating that it is the original version of A book in every home. The problem with that version is a photo showing Ed constructing Rock Gate Park

    The closest to the original is the one you are offering on your site, or at the Coral Castle Shop - the dimensions are smaller also

  • It is documented Ed purchased land and had the intention to move, this was in 1937.
    His tools were ready to transport in 1938(Mr. Can't is dead)
    So even the book that this site and coral castle shop sells isn't the exact original, since it shows Eds living quarters under construction. That being said it is still closest to the original

  • The photo above with Ed at the wheel, I believe the white strip in the background, the one that clarifies the hook above the wheel is the original ROCK GATE sign shown in the postcards. He may have placed the sign vertically here for a number of different reasons or perhaps that was just the best place for storing it?
  • I believe you're right Ones
    It looks like the sign, the white background gives emphasis on the chain and J hook
  • @dante Thank you for the clarification. Thats also a really cool picture of Ed and the telescope I don't recall ever seeing. Is there a story behind it?

    Good eye on that sign @Ones65118 , I think I have that postcard somewhere

  • I wonder where that sign ever went? (ROCK GATE) My guess is it was of the same material as the 5un door. The original ABIEH may be in the thousands of dollars range, here is something i posted a while back elsewhere, I wonder if it pertains to ABIEH? " From the band "Tool"'s newsletter Oct. 2001 So apparently this book of Edward Leedskalnins would have been in the thousands of dollars range for Mike Patton to be stopped at airport, where did the seller disappear to? Do the notes really exist? Did Mike receive them and not tell anyone?
  • The platinum writing on those plastic strip's in money. Knew a guy who would pay you to remove those strip's from bills just so he could travel with large amounts of cash. Still trips me out they can see what you are smoking from space by the radiation different things produced when burned. I honestly think people should have 3 cookbooks in every home.
  • @Magnetic_Universe I found it online a few years ago

    That's really neat about Tool. I browsed through their other posts from 2001, really cool. They have a way of saying things but not. I'm particularly interested in Rennes, the Holy Grail is there
    It must be Abieh, there isn't much room to write notes in Magnetic Current.
    To be detained at the airport means he was transporting over 10k for a book.
    I know EDM has a diverse background in terms of knowledge, was this all his own ingenuity? Or did he have a book with notes to help him along.
    We can only speculate

  • A few years ago, I was searching old auctions in an archive
    I came across one auction that was interesting
    All displayed copies below are fake with the exception of A Book in Every Home

    The extensive discoloration and the books dimensions shows its age
  • on the cover of the book it doesn't add up, for a clearly intentional photograph, very odd. the stone to eds far right doesn't belong there nor does the crenalation it arches over, could be its from the first site maybe , it should be to his left and also a planet is missing , also a staged photo with no EDL sign at hes feet yet it is the original books cover …! dictionary ref ; hereby ( adverb ) by this, or the present, declaration, action, document, by means of this, as a result of this.. looking at the photo its fair to say if one were ED that " hereby one ok via m.o. " or "one hereby ok via m.o." is it not ? a book in every home by having only 16 letters hes in complete control of the outcome or statements generated, so back to the initial oddity pointed out in the photo it will say what has been pointed out . have ago !!! either way its an inducement .. here nook I move bay. which describes the scene rather well so either way ED says hi dvk
  • He trying to tell you, moon energy is key. The universe isn't as big as you think. East is up, the sun rotates around flat Earth around the glass Bell. The sun things the bell twice, from the bottom of the bell to the top and back down. That is why you get the seasons, the sun is not a fire ball, it's a laser beam. The moon is strong enough to move the sea and cause tides. The moon MOVES rocks across the ground in the desert.
  • If you talking about flatearth maybe better look on hollow earth

  • Does someone have a copy of THIS book edition they will sell me? Or be willing to remove and lay photo of Ed at his flywheel scanned flat they will sell me?
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