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Ed's Timeline

January 12, 1887 Ed's Real Birthdate

August 10, 1887 Ed's DOB given on his certificate of death

March 23rd, 1912 Ed leaves Hamburg, Germany on the SS Pennsylvania. Arrives in New York on April 6th, 1912.

January 6th, 1916 Ed purchased land located in Elkton, Oregon at township 22, range 7, from S.P. Fenley. From Douglas County Oregon Deed Index.

June 5th, 1917 Ed fills out his draft registration card. Ed is listed as being a self employed axhandle manufacturer living in Elkton Oregon.

January 1920 Ed is listed as living in Reedsport, Orgeon. He is listed as the head of the household with Clement DeSomers being a "companion". Ed is listed as being a labourer at a lumber mill.

April 2nd, 1920 Ed sold the above lot to John E. Row. From Douglas County Oregon Deed Index.

January 6th, 1922 (Newspaper has 1923 but I believe this to be a typo) Ed buys California Property
"Frank W. Leonard to E. Leedskalnin lot 6 Blk C Cooley Tr" San Bernardino County Sun, February 10, 1922

February 27, 1923 - Ed buys land in Florida City. The Homestead Enterprise.

January 3rd, 1932 "This is House Edward Built and Furnished with Stone", Text mentions date of Jan. 2nd, Miami Daily News, Sunday

February 20th, 1933 "Investigators Investigate" Miami Daily News

December 31st, 1933 "Promoters, Investors, Laymen" Miami Daily News

1936 - A Book In Every Home Published

January 10th, 1937 "Mr. Real Estate Man" Contains part of an article clipped from the Miami Daily News January 3rd, 1932

1937-1939 Ed moves his sculptures from Florida City to Homestead

January 19, 1940 Ed fills out his "Declaration of Intention" to become a naturalized citizen of the USA

January 19, 1942 Ed fills out his "Petition for Naturalization" (petition #7129)

May 17, 1944 Ed becomes a naturalized citizen of the USA (#6105195)

August 1945 - Magnetic Current Published

October 1945 - Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life Published

February 3, 1946 - Magnetic Current AD (Electrons)

February 24, 1946 - Cosmic Force AD (additional information from Feb. 3rd AD, later published as one document)

May 20th, 1946 - Magnetic Current AD (Magnetic Base/Sound Base)

December 7, 1951 - Ed's Death - spends 28 days in hospital


August 15th, 2001 Hidden Pages Unlocked (first anniversary of book)

Hidden Pages Locked ~ 2010


  • Thanks again to Dante for bringing some of the newspaper articles he has posted to my attention.

    I will update this timeline if new items come up. If anyone feels something should be added, feel free to mention it.
  • A good list Orolo
    Unfortunately I wasn't around when Marlinski closed the pages
    He wrote " I disbanded decoded his works in favor of writing a book "
    From research I have gathered that some masons can take a break or leave of absence from their duties. Some would do so in favor of writing a book. A noble practice

    Times are different, and the need to wake people up, or to inspire is needed.

  • So he discovered something in 1920-23 in california. Then he went searching for it in florida. (has the north pole moved since then?) Wasn't he using dowsing rods? He learned dowsing rods in california? What was his job in California?

    Anyways, whatever his job was in california, or somthing on his off time, he stumbled across cosmic force energy, and stone. It's when he learned, and knew he had to move to someplace with the right stone. What kind of stone is in san bernadino?

    My main point is, all the technology he had at the time when he learned something uniquely special in california, was pre-1920 tech. Car parts for sure. telephones pre 1920, am radios, and what other tech would there be that was a general masses item?
  • thank you, im doing an extensive dive into ed and his personal timeline, and this was a nice base to start from, ty.
  • None of these timelines would exist without this group, always grateful sincerely. I have posted a detailed timeline on YT and will be posting a more detailed one with more pictures soon soon
  • Can you link your YouTube channel?
    I like to subscribe to the YouTube posters from this forum, so I'd be happy to join.
    Or, am I already subbed?
  • I believe you are already, not sure, I think so though :) I will post link for last updated timeline here. Thanks! poughkeepsieblue
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