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Rock Gate/Coral Castle Information and Photos - Various Articles from 1950+



  • Excellent! it would have been cool to sit in on that lecture, or better yet be with him when he visited Rock Gate. Been going through some of his books, interesting reading for sure, in one book he gets into the "fireballs" that the main craft use for observational purposes they send information back to the ship... I believe I have pictures of same type craft and I also thought the orbs must be for some sort of scanning/communication... I also believe these may be the same balls responsible for some crop circles. Have you ever looked into David Hamel? I would like to see some of his notebooks
  • I have his book secret places of the lion from the 70s and his book on the Andes written by him but under the name Brother Phillips.
    I don't know if he was either investigated by the CIA or worked for them. One more interesting character who never mentioned Ed but did have a decent background was Chan Thomas. He made news last year when the CIA de-classified his book Adam and Eve. What most people don't know is that there was another book he wrote which I can't find anywhere, he talks about writing the book in a couple newspapers way back. He also mentions two alien bodies being moved in Michigan, I can email those to you here if you like. Chan Thomas did in fact work for the CIA after publishing Adam and Eve, he was successful in predicting earthquakes and created a small firm which attracted attention.
    I would be interested if you have a video of some sort of the orbs.
  • Ones65118 said:

    Excellent! it would have been cool to sit in on that lecture...

    Yes, on the city that existed before the moon, now that would have cool
  • I've been going through "Other Tongues Other Flesh" and "Brotherhood Of The Seven Rays" which is the book he describes the orbs in. ...Adam and Eve started with the destruction of the earth I think? , I did grab it back when it came out...What is the title of the book that cannot be found? ... I don't have any video footage of the orbs, just one photo of craft and 2/3 orbs that seem interested in a contrail from a plane... :)
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    The Adam and Eve book has many topics and references to other authors and their work also. Another one of his books is title "the Aftermath of the Adam and Eve Story ".
    The book that is missing is titled " The day the Earth tumbled ". From what I have seen in articles from the 60s, Chan theorizes the Earth's orbit around the sun will tumble when the ice caps become out of balance again, causing another flood/Noahs Ark story.
  • It is true. The ice was put there to pick up magnetism and stabilize the earth.
    The earth is kept in balance like the disc cooled with liquid nitrogen in today's experiments on superconductive levitation.

    In fact, ultimately, the reason for chemtrails is messianism.
    @dante all made by your friends.
  • @royalblue
    Are you a fan of Chan Thomas?
    Thought those types were your friends. You know more about it than I do.
    I have more pressing concerns.
    Should we cut this out and post under a new thread?
  • @dante I'm not a fan of anyone.
    I don't know who Chan Thomas is.
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    I thought I would add this to the list, great photos of Ed!

  • Awesome, thanks!
  • What a treasure trove! Wow Thanks for sharing
  • Damn, this is awesome, what a good deal on a Maytag automatic...
  • How about a few of those captions:

    "Tourists are welcome to this sky-lit architectural nightmare Ed calls home".

    "Ingenious Arrangement of levers enables the owner of this petrified paradise to move extremely heavy doors with little effort".
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