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The Working Model of the Atom Project

I guess I will call this a concept update...

See more here:

More about this project coming soon.

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    Check out the torus ionizer in this guys stall.

    I have a device for you to consider based on the torus but with the 3 axes being orthogonal.
    Hope to get a file attached soon.
    Just heard Eric Dollard explain that magnetic , dielectric and quasi electrodiagmagnetic waves are the realities of magneto electrodynamics ! The torus is a structure that kind of provides an environment to link them all together.
  • A bit difficult to see but some ideas on the "atomic" structure
  • A bit difficult to see but some ideas on the "atomic" structure
    Cool diagrams! :) thanx

  • Some interesting detailing for the atom model based on Lifejacker2's amazing demos. Think PMH for the magnets of neodymium. Note the spiral antenna providing an ambient sourced oscillating dipole to vary the magnetic fields!
  • The last model is an interesting design.
    For all other models of him, commenters on YT are blaming him for building some hidden battery into the motor or elsewhere, but the last model in this video (the one with the light bulb) is IMHO clearly showing, there's no battery there.
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    It is hard to accept the evidence of your eyes. Ths is why the scientific method engages one in building the object and testing it oneself. We are loath to do even the simplest construction. It is much easier to write some denial than to do the experiment.

    Lifehacker2 could be another " dynamo" the magician, or he could be simply showing us what is real. Volta believed power existed between different metals in contact. Very simple phenomena to which he ventured that explanation. He was supposedly proven wrong by later scientists. Actually, he was not wrong, just not very specific.

    Today we are very specific because of volts phenomenon and his explanation.
    This is similar to Ed. he is not very specific, but he is clear enough to inspire lines of research into the phenomena that will yield different explanations.
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    Just as a warning, this video shows a mild reaction to hopes dashed. The circuit is not exactly the same, so this is not a refutation . Lifehacker2 uses different materials and design specs to this man's, and different construction methods and standards! However this thread is not about lifehacker2 but designs for the atomic model, which is the main reason I mooted the design. The design has principles I think are in the atomic model. See drawings.
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    Again this is not about free energy motors, but the design for the atom.

    Ed's "magnetic current" and the "electric current" are shown to coexist even in the same space by this design.

    You could model this by Radial "flow" and Rotational "Flow". Together they exist as helical or conical vortices.
  • Some recent videos on magnetic theory that support Ed:s atomic hypotheses based on his observation of phenomena

    The opening scenes remind me of Ed's comment about the magnetic substances wrapping themselves around a photon!
  • I just posted this update to the main website...

    It's been 10 years since I first built and tested Leeskalnin's Perpetual Motion Holder at Purdue University,and the Working Atomic Model Project is finally a go! I've secured labs at Purdue to build and test Leedskalnin's Atomic Model. Check in a few weeks for updates and for ways you can become part of the project.
  • I have a question for all ed's fans out there and I'm hoping the information I get back will help me with the next step in my project. Eds pmh works because of the interlocking of the 2 magnetic poles canceling out the Eddie current in the process. In a conventional pmh set up as soon as the charge is reversed the bond and energy inside the bar is neutralized and this is why a pmh can't work with ac current. If you were able to maintain the magnetic bond while changing polarity and transfer and store the flux created while bringing back into the magnetic circuit would this be defeating Eddie currents and using the flux as additive energy instead of loosing it to heat? Any feedback would be extremely helpful. cheers
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    Nice question. Tho the PMH does work with AC, it works as a transformer and with DC its a electromagnet. Ed mentions some of this in his book however defeating eddy currents could be futile... Maybe this will be helpful. Good luck with your project.
    The difference now is that this transformer makes alternating currents from direct currents and the power line transformers use alternating currents to make alternating currents in this transformer, the iron prong ends remain the same magnet pole, but in power line transformers the magnet poles alternate. Page 11 MAGNETIC CURRENT
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    The PMH work because you "lock" two streams of south and north pole magnets which
    runs one against another - in a circular loop. The PMH is made of soft iron (not steel) which
    cannot hold magnetism but its a good conductor. Once you lift the keeper, the magnets goes
    somewhere else.

    The magnets that circulate around the PMH while it's charged are going out and in the
    PMH like in a regular bar magnet (though it have two poles for the keeper and two poles
    for the U-shape, these poles are holding the circuit together at the intersection points).

    Like in a bar magnets, some magnets leave and don't come back but replaced by other
    magnets from earth's circulation.

    PMH work with DC if you want to determine the direction of the two currents. You can
    connect it to AC but it will be less strong and you will not have a control over the direction
    of the two currents.

    Ed said that he could do some great things with the PMH but did not say what, which
    left the impression that these applications are unknown to science......
  • Some recent videos on magnetic theory that support Ed:s atomic hypotheses based on his observation of phenomena

    The opening scenes remind me of Ed's comment about the magnetic substances wrapping themselves around a photon!
    As much as I feel this was a step in the correct direction I now think the magnetic bowls are incorrectly positioned and interlaced. After watching and studying theora Apophasis research I can see flaws in this model.

    Nevertheless it was an indicator of which way to go and an identifier of Eds substance as plasmas
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