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Is this Code found in Magnetic Current?

Lets look at Magnetic Current again

Look at the first letter in each paragraph.
For example on Page 3, T F F N I T and continuing on until the end of the book
We end up with 55 letters


Total 55

We know Ed works forwards and backwards
This at first does seem like code at all, unless you noticed " pmh " at the end

If we follow the order in which we collect letters, forwards and backwards, perhaps this will form something

Start with the highest value t(10), the next letter is n(8) There are two letters with values of 5, which way do we go? Well we went backwards from t to n, lets keep going back since we are going in that direction already, i(5) then w(5). We went forwards from i to w, the proceeding letter y(4), now we must go backwards and find the nearest letter with the value of 4, which is f.
Odd, but somewhat logical?

Lets put it all in order then....

t n i w y f b a c g p m h = We still have pmh, however the rest doesn't make any sense at all
Assign the value to each letter t(20) n(14) etc The difference between each letter forms a new letter between 20 and 14 we get 6, etc.

What did we end up with?

fe and nb esab ( base spelled backwards) dice

or Ferroniobium
In my opinion this could enhance a magnetic field? I would appreciate any assistance or explanation of this compound from anyone

So we have (PMH) FE NB BASE DICE
(PMH) FENB Based Ice


  • Dice as in gambling dice or dice as to cut in many small piece's? Snakes eye's. Box cars. Yo 11, 7 out next roller.

    This element also has superconducting properties. It is used in superconducting magnets for particle accelerators, MRI scanners and NMR equipment.

    Niobium oxide compounds are added to glass to increase the refractive index, which allows corrective glasses to be made with thinner lenses.
    Found this interesting of your mixture of alloy's.
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    What causes this?

    What causes this?

  • But why does the video do that?
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