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Water Vortex Power Plant Debuts in Switzerland

New energy ideas and future technologies don't necessarily need to be over-unity to be effective alternatives. Generator's can still be made more efficient and we can still make more efficient ways of turning them.

Victor Schauberger's implosion technology combined with new highly effiecent generator technology might be a more practical solution to explore than some of the more exotic approaches.



  • I'd like to see these two experiments combined.. USing a Schauberger "copper funnel:" spinning the water up to "polarize" it inside the Copper funnel "winding" (locked rotor coil like dropping a magnet through a copper tube, see youtube videos of magnet "floating" through a copper pipe) THE magnetically charged water then "dropped as it shears into droplets" through a pickoff generator coil.. at that point, instead of wasting it into a capacitor spark gap, you could "electronically" pull it off and regulate it into a charging storage system.. like to run LED's forever off a waterfall generator with no moving parts.. or???

    Where can you get a "schauberger" copper shaped funnel to experiment with? well I discovered "metal spinning", but am awful at it.. people better than I can spin a sheet copper metal funnel over a mandrel and duplicate the funnel that creates a "clean vortex of water droplets" to experiment with..
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