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Ed's Place - 1930

This photo is from 1930
Over the last few months I have been able to track down information on Ed


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  • Monolith greek for single stones
    Mono- single ; Lithos - stone

    Notice the circular apparatus on the roof of Eds Living Space
    Ed already had an " antenna " in 1930 before he moved


    The moon fountain had a pipe inserted in the middle where water would shoot upward and steam from the suns heat, a geyser. Ed did not have running water on his property, this shows he understood hydrodynamics
  • These are some excellent photos, wow Great find!!
  • The Moon Fountain is still in construction there and the repentance corner is nowhere to be found, nor the Obelisk, ot the bathtub or starwall.... Wow Excellent ....And that antennae array
  • This was the oldest I could find, there are others but a few years after this one. I assume Ed built the largest Crescent first, however there is no way to be certain
  • Any are great , you have found a treasure trove! :) I believe Ed carved the Florida Table first... I could be wrong :)
  • When Ed was interviewed by the authorities on his wire grid antenna array it was at his first place Ed's Place.... I did not know the water in the Moon Fountain came out heated, great info as I wondered how the fountain operated there.
  • The Moon Fountain also does not have the crescent yet... I do see the Sun Couch there ....So cool
  • Sept 22 1925
    New Subdivision at Florida City

    Parts of interest
    R L Moser sets up property
    Land of Unusual Fertility
    Ed Leedskalnin begs Moser for 1 acre of land

    Ed planted 27 different varieties of trees, plants an fruits boasting not once ounce of fertilizer was used.

  • Great find! Thank you for posting... Remember the story of Ed growing the Huge sweet potatoes? I wonder if that was on this property as well? ...
  • This was from a 1970s article.

  • dante said:

    Notice the circular apparatus on the roof of Eds Living Space
    Ed already had an " antenna " in 1930 before he moved

    Looks somewhat like a primary and secondary.

    Thanks Dante!
  • It appears the antenna was there during construction, move forward to the vintage footage of Ed`s Place shown in In Search Of and it seems the antenna is down... I wonder if this was taken down after the visit inquiring into why Ed had all the wires... Or did Ed just not need it anymoreÉ Perhaps he upgraded to something else
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