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Magnetic Declination and the Sun's stroboscopic effect

The Florida table has nothing to do with Florida. It's Aquarius.


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  • These remind me of a note I found among the papers of the London philosophical society regarding the suns effect on the versorium. .
    I will have to look it up to check it out, but I have recently alluded to it in relation to NMR theory where magnetic pulse is shown to induce a weak reaction in which a radio frequency signal is emitted after a sample” magnet” is irradiated by the pulse. .

    If we regard this as paramagnetic/diamagnetic behaviour , excluding ferro and ferrimagnetic behaviours by our choice of material for the magnet , we can develop a theory of materiality on magnetic frequency alone. .

    However ferromagnetic materials have the same properties but several orders of magnitude greater in amplification, and I propose a MASING model to explain this. .
    In our magnetic universe these interactions are everywhere evident but discounted by Academia. As a sound basis for theoretical development.
  • @Jehovajah I have 3 or 4 questions for you:

    1) If you take two button magnets and you superglue them together on the like poles you obtain a single magnet that has a special field which will make the magnet align to the egde of a pole (at a certain angle and with a certain direction) of any other normal magnet and not to its center. Why?

    2) Take an iron bolt and try to attach to its ends two magnets with their like poles facing each other. You'll see that they attach to the bolt (if it's long enough) but they will refuse to get centered. However, if you bend the iron bolt at 90 degrees they will happily agree to get centered on the bolt. Why?

    3) Leedskalnin says that the magnetic field is constantly replenished with individual N/S magnets and stresses the fact that the individual N/S magnets travel far away before coming back into the iron in high amounts. Where do these individual N/S magnets come from in general, and where do they go when they leave the iron? -- I mean, the Declination book here suggests that magnetism is a property of space or that rather it comes from outer space, so where then does magnetism come from? Read also: what keeps Polaris in place?
    In other words, if you had to alter the normal flow of individual N/S magnets around a "magnetic machine", how would you organize the space (read: magnetic field) around it?

    4) Why is the ecliptic tilted or appears to be so?
  • @royalblue
    Thank you for your questions. I will attempt to answer them in later post .
  • If a bar mag has a n and s pole that when the mag is broken in two u have two whole new mags. What is the third unknown force in between the n&s pole? It has been established that if u take a gyroscope and start it rotating and swing it in a counter clock wise fashion the 150 lb gyro can be held by one hand at arms length. Suggesting there are at least two separate forces at work. SPIN & CENTRIFICAL FORCE. One suggest an anti gravity force. By reversing the spin you also increase the pull of gravity. Is this ED Leeds polarity reversal??
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