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Is "A book in every home" coded by the fibonacci/using gematria

Over the last 18 months I have fully come to strongly believe that Ed's first book "A book in every home" is coded by the fibonacci sequence and that by using gematria(turning letters into numbers) ED left hints all over the book.



  • In the index take out every third word.

    In containing Ed's domestic views.

  • The fibonacci sequence begins 112

    Now do every three backwards starting st the copyright page.

  • There has been many discussions on this website And on others. We all have questioned why ed signed the author's preface "the author". I would like to offer my opinion on it. The 1st sentence of the book after the preface Reads "To those more than 15000 people who have seen ed's place, I told about ed's sweet sixteen."

    The book makes a direct statement in that Sentence. The 2nd half of the sentence says I TOLD ABOUT EDS SWEET SIXTEEN. When these letters are given their numerical values by the cipher listed above That makes this sentence if added up altogether = 112

    I believe that Ed wants us to think outside of the Box. What are the chances that the sentence I told about ed sweet 16 equals a . The book is written from the viewpoint of the Fibonacci sequence.
  • Numerical value of "I told about Ed's sweet sixteen"
    Using numeric value of letters listed above. What are the chances????

  • Image that ed put in the book. It has something hidden in plain sight. The fibonacci sequence is derived from the Golden Ratio other words known as PHI. Turn your phone slightly sideways and you can clearly see the letters "Fi". Sound it out Phi or Fi....
    The shack looking thing in the center spells "Fi" when you turn the picture 90 degrees clockwise.....

  • In this image ed has made bench that looks amazingly similar to the PI symbol

  • We all know that ED. L. gave his book a strange name
    A BOOK IN EVERY HOME. Too many people have made the obvious statement and/or opinions that in the 1930S a book in every home was THE HOLY BIBLE.
    I found that to be a very very true statement that ed named his book this so we would look at the holy bible.
  • I have found major identical patterns in The Bible corresponding many statements, Phrases and sentences in ed's books. Ed built his castle for his sweet 16, anyone that's done any research or investigated, been on a blog, watched a video any of these they always speak about ed's sweet 16. The 2 words "sweet sixteen" and "jesus christ" are identical in value when the letters are added up.
    Sweet sixteen. Jesus christ
    27. 32. 27. 32
    Added = 59. Added = 59
    Reduced = 5. Reduced = 5

    27 × 32 = 432

  • The Fibonacci sequence has 2 different repeating patterns. A 24 digit repeating pattern and a 60 digit repeating pattern. For know let's just focus on the 24 digit pattern. The first 24 number when added up = 108. The most sacred number in history across every culture, religion, age, civilization or what ever you wish to call a large group of people. The # 108 has uber importance. In India they have 54 letters in there language and has a Male and female attribute = 108.

  • Edward Leedskalnin Placed ads in the news paper sometimes. The photos below are just three of them. In these three photos ed is doing the same thing. He is pointing out his name over and over. ED. L.
    Seems like he really wants his name looked at or at least his initials. ED. L. Using the numeric value I've listed E = 5. D = 4. L = 2.

  • Why does ED. L. stand above his name? Is he trying to demonstrate the old saying of "As Above, So Below" or maybe ed is trying to point you to the number 108.
    ED = 54 and L = 2. If we multiply 54 times 2 we get 108.
  • Ok so when I went every three on the index starting with the first word i got back a sentence that says
    "In containing Ed's domestic views". This sentence when added together adds up to 112(the first three digits of the fibonacci sequence). So since it directed me to go look at domestic i did. The first six words of domestic read "the foundation of our physical and"
    This sentence adds up to 108. For sure this could not be by chance. I mean using every 3 from the index that added up to 112 and told me to go look at domestic where the first 6 words add up to 108 can be by accident.

  • Next I removed all of the vowels from the same sentence "the foundation of our physical and" to see what was lying below unseen.
    Now the first 6 words with vowels spelled out added up to 108 but now let's look at there individual values.

    The = 18 / 9
    Foundation = 35 / 8
    Of = 8
    Our = 4
    Physical 28 / 1
    And 6
    So the reduced number in a row read
    9 8 8 4 1 6.

    988 are the 13th 14th & 15th digits of the 24 digit repeating pattern of the fibonacci sequence.
    And 4+1+6 = 11 - 2
  • edited May 2018
    When I removed the vowels I got 4 1 6 5 4 5 for the individual reduced numbers
    Th = 13 4
    Fndtn = 19 1
    F = 6
    R = 5
    Physcl = 22 4
    Nd = 5

    So with vowels I got
    9 8 8 4 1 6
    And with vowels I got
    4 1 6 5 4 5.

    4 1 6 appears above With vowels and below with out vowels. This again i feel strongly was a deliberate act by ED. L.
  • Above I mentioned how "sweet sixteen" and "jesus Christ" both have the same exact numerical values...
    There is a YouTube episode on "The holy name of jesus christ" it shows a bunch of very interesting numerical facts about the value of jesus christ name. Martyleeds show how in Greek that the name of jesus christ = 864. If we multiple the English germetia values of
    jesus = 45666 ad up 27 - 9
    Christ = 365567 ad up 32 - 5.
    Multiply 27 x 32 = 864.

    If we remove the vowels
    Jss = 466 - 16 - 7
    Chrst = 36567 = 27 - 9
    Multiply 16 x 17 = 432.

    With vowels = 864
    W/out vowels = 432

    Wow so this cant be a coincidence can it?

    I've heard the saying "you must think outside of the box" but never realized what it ment.
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