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A Story of Leaking Pipes under my Bathroom

Hey, this is gonna be a total offtopic about the bathroom in my house.
I just need to post it for here, to make myself feel better about it.

I'm gonna post some photos and short commentaries here, step by step, as the time allows

Please bear with me...


  • One nice day, as i was washing my hands i felt strange cold coming to my bare feet. So i looked around the bathroom and found this crack under the bath tub, where the cold was coming from:

 be continued...
  • Oh man, do you think the foundation shifted?
  • leaking pipes... probably rot and sag
    standard in an older bathroom
    here in the US, if I were looking at it, just from pics alone, I'd say the drain and overflow/trap were leaking over time, they always do, here they are ABS plastic in an older bath, and they have a lifespan on the glue joints
    or water was seeping around the lip of the tub, behind the tile
    tub bases are nothing but trouble
  • Oh man, do you think the foundation shifted?

    The foundation FOUNDATION probably not (so far not seen), but some thin walls concrete supports did. So we have couple of cracks on the floor tiling, some thin walls are hanging in the air (antigravity???)

    Of course this must have been leaking over many many years and nobody noticed...

    Opening the wall around bath tub:

    As the gravel below the concrete base plate was moving down, it took the pipes down with it:

    Opening the shower base:

    Those pipes are disconnected and about 7cm apart:

    The concrete baseplate under the bath tub cracked and sunk about 10-15cm:

    One of my antigravity walls. At the time of taking that photo, i was still believing it is just the mortar cracked: be continued...
  • Wow
    Was it ever humid in the bathroom? Did it smell?That water had to go somewhere, is your foundation situation on a slope?
    It looks like the problem may have started from day 1 construction
  • You know I always wondered what you did about this.
  • Oh! I completely forgot about that... let me finish it then.
    Thanxs for the reminder.
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