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Physics of Crystals

I just love those old natural science video lectures...


  • I put a copy of this under rock melting. FYI
  • g11 said:

    I put a copy of this under rock melting. FYI

    ummm.. what do you mean please?
  • edited March 2018
    Gardener said:

    g11 said:

    I put a copy of this under rock melting. FYI

    ummm.. what do you mean please?
    @g11 Oh.. i see now. you mean you posted the same video here:
  • I left a water bottle in my truck overnight and noticed the following morning the water had frozen inside and took shape into an interesting pattern.
    The bottle is made of glass, and had less than an inch of water left in it

  • Wow! Really? That looks amazing. I was looking at the bottle thinking that where can you get such patterned bottle.
  • How did it make the pattern below the frozen water? Heat from the center console. The cab does cool pretty fast in freezing weather. I know if I leave a sealed bottle of Dr pepper outside for six months, the top layer will be pure water, as it evaporates daily then condenses each night.
    Was watching some videos of guys exploring old abandoned mines and one had pools of water with a crust on the surface of the water. Looked like a rock going thru ice when it hit the surface tension.
    Wish I could see those beads in the trail of frost better. Reminds me of the rocks in the deserts.
  • It's regular water, it was only left in the truck one night. When I opened the door to start the truck it had this pattern formed by frost
    After the truck warmed up, the pattern obviously disappeared
    This is the front of the bottle

    The pattern formed above the water , there was less than an inch left
    The day before I took a sip and placed it down in the console
    I'd like to understand how this formed
    Amazing and beautiful
  • Oh I was seeing the label thinking it was the water in the first images. The label looked like a ice dome from the other side. Warm vapor was contacting the cold surface condensing and quickly freezing. Must have been well below zero to cause that vapor to collect and roll funny as it froze. Kinda reminds me of a friend who got stuck in the cold, he told me he was surprised how quickly the cab cools on a cold night. I told him that's why I always slept in a mummy bag in my car.
    The water was warm, so the heat travels up the center of the bottle, cools at the top and starts condensing, then freezes as the condensation rolls down the cold glass. The first image looks like it started in a heart shape area just above the back label. All the same still very cool patterns. Better than the ones I find in Bibles.
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