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ABIEH as relates to a Piano

Anyone play the piano?
I don't. This week I spent most of my time working around a grand piano, so I got a good look at it, and began thinking about ed.
I'm going to make an argument that ABIEH has everything to do with a piano keyboard. Visually and numerically.
I don't know much about the piano, but I can see the clues, and count.
This is from wikipedia.

An 88-key piano, with the octaves numbered and Middle C (cyan) and A440 (yellow) highlighted.
Black and white keys.

Black and white.
Bottom right


large Middle C, looks like a major C
and just right of it

this mysterious 4 in a triangle could represent 440 A
how about the moon fountain's 'reeds'
they don't appear in these pictures

or any trace of them in this pic I jacked from google randomly

that fountain is really really clean
so, does it stand to reason, that the reeds on the cover of ABIEH are drawn on, like edm says they are?
I think they are, and looking at this part of them makes me thinks so.

My friend pointed this out to me a long while ago.
Cut it out and look closer

It's the left side of the keyboard pictured above.
How about the reeds on the right side, and the strange 'wires' that appear drawn in above it?

If we are talking about a piano, perhaps they are piano wires?
The drawn in 'wires' and 'reeds' all run the same way wires would run inside a grand piano, away from the 'keyboard' ed has drawn in.
Compare the seat back of the moon fountain chair to the cast iron frame from inside a grand piano.

Ed's visual clues could lead one to believe they create an image of a piano, like my crude drawing here.


  • What of numbers.
    88 keys
    52 white
    36 black
    ABIEH has 26 numbered pages. Always numbered left, and ed left as much room on the right, which also count in the numbering.
    26 white pages with black writing, 26 white pages on their right.

    52 pages
    26 with black writing

    but there is 36 black keys, so where do we find the other 10 black keys? The unnumbered, printed pages, with black on them are the other 10 black keys.
    5 in front, 5 in back.

    inside cover
    title page
    copyright page
    authors preface

    and in back

    ed's generator pic
    stats page 1
    stats page 2
    inside back cover
    back cover

    so, 88 keys 52 white and 36 black
    This does acknowledge, I am ignoring several blank pages, for example, I'm not placing any value on the blank page opposite inside the cover, or opposite the title page. The only justification I have for this is in ed's preface, stating that he left as much space as he used. This alludes to the intention that those opposite pages are intentionally white, and are to be counted. Otherwise, if they don't appear opposite what he wrote, they are not counted. Counting the 5 black 'keys' before the numbered pages start in this manner, I think I can calculate the approximate location of middle C and 440A.
    I forgot to mention, black keys represent flats and sharp notes, also called accidentals. The white keys are natural notes. Ed's books have many 'accidentals' in the text, no?
    So, using this method of counting, we can make a chart like this, depicting the pages as they correspond to keys.

    This places middle C, according to numbered pages, on page 12. So look at page 12.
    Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, and uh... wrong.
    Not educated, not educated... misled... misled...
    Ok, I get it, that's wrong.
    So, according to my method of using the black printed pages as accidentals, that puts middle C between 11 and 12, so let's flip back to 11.
    "Let's see..."
    There it is.
    And this time ed tells us...
    count of good looks, good looks, good looks
    well, we did count to get here
    reading on...
    the best deal
    the right kind of education
    looks like the right path here

    so finding 440A would put it on page 15
    Going there...
    To accomplish g o o d results... good... good... good...
    that wide spaced good looks suspect.
    Speaking of pianos.
    ...the performance won't be good.
    Looking for 440A I could make a case for the capitol D as a 4, and the double 'too' as 200 200. Also the other abundant "to" words that appear in pairs are symbolic of 2+2=4 and the appearance of "one" as "A". Those are very arguable.
    But I will remind about 'accidentals' and ed's notes about 'neglects and defects'.
    You can judge for yourself what you think.

  • Did I forget the obvious 88 keys, or 8 + 8 = 16, sweet sixteen?
  • So I've been thinking about how one air supply to multiple valves to different lengths of pipe would act as a keyboard for it. I was working on a sprinkler system yesterday and realized how it was configured with solenoid valves. Air valves take less current to operate.
    I will have to play around with that idea.

    They do sell piano wire by the spool. They do make .021 wire. Now things are starting to make cent's. Wire carries current, tie off to dry ropes. And reciprocate back and forth. Interesting most piano wire on eBay is 10 foot length's. Never realized there was so many choices on wires for piano's.
  • So after adding a .056 guitar string on my pulley system I see a wrapped wire cutting pretty fast for as little as it moves.after a short time it has already dug a rut deeper than the .056 string. .022 is the closest the store had to .021.
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