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EAST IT UP, page 8 and 14 Magnetic Current

If you number each line of Magnetic Current and go to the equator line on page 11 between the
And count line "alone" as "1" and count upwards and downwards.. then you will see that line 144 is on page 8 and page 14.
Here is those 2 pages side-by-side:

Notice how similar these pages are. Look particularly at the number of lines that touch each margin. Both pages seem to relate to the first line of MC that says "This writings is lined up so when you read it you look East,".

Ed Marlinski in his book points to "UP" and "SO", but on these pages we seem to find "UP" and "IT". Now, if you use Hebrew Gematria and view the value of "EAST" as the number 144.. we see the connection to the first line of MC. IF you look at the yellow highlighted lines, you will see additions to the print.. on page 8 a dot between the lines ...and on page 14 you will see the word "magnets" "a" has the leg extended quite a ways outwards.


  • Here is another pair of pages in Magnetic Current that are very similar:

  • Now here is a definite pattern that seems very unlikely to be coincidental:
    There are 3 pages in Magnetic Current that have the last line of a paragraph that touches both margins (left and right). These pages are 6,14,&15.

    Now, if you take the staples out of the printed pages, you see the 3 pairs of pages:

    6 / 15
    7 / 14
    8 / 13

    Notice that these pages are the ones that are similar to each other:
    13 / 15
    8 / 14
  • I found that page 6.. one of the pages that also has an end paragraph line that touches both margins.. it too has a relationship with page 8 and 14:

    It seems way too coincidental that the pages that have these lines touching both margins also have similarities with the other pages that also have the same.

  • If you look at page 8.. the dot that EDL put between the two lines aligns with the break in paragraphs on pages 8 and 14. Seems there is a pattern here for a purpose and not coincidental.
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