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  • 7:24 started loading.
    The 23rd I should have data at normal speed. Someone years ago showed me, melting glass bottles in the microwave, apparently the trick is to heat a spot with a blow torch then the microwave will heat the rest of the bottle to melting point.
  • link to bottles being melted in a microwave. Have to be 18+ to view.
  • @g11 thanks for the link, I'll look at it.

    I analyzed many photos. Whether it's the bricks of an ancient Inca Sun temple, a medieval monastery or the façade of a Cathedral, or even a cave or canyon peaks...those black burns (spots or stripes) are always there, as if the rocks were cooked (partially or totally) by an EM field passing through. Carbonized, like that tree outside the Cathedral/Mosque in Istanbul. It's all really odd.
  • RB,
    They used to use fire to crack the stones as far as I'm aware.

  • Using the sun. I burned the carbon white hot :) I found limestone doesn't heat well because white is reflective. So black iron oxide in a thin layer transfers heat to the limestone. Limestone is a interesting rock when treated different ways. Heat to white hot in a fire for a few hours you get decalcified limestone. Add water to the decalcified limestone you get a endothermic reaction. Rehydrated decalcified limestone can be applied like paint. Copper coil wrapped with a iron coil then dipped in the limestone rehydrating. Now you have heat around a thermal couple. vitrification have such a hard time remembering how to spell that word.
  • Here's a video of Leedskalnin's tripod & black box, magnetizing a pebble with high-voltage current.

    It's odd that he's using high-voltage while another gentleman (YouTube user "Vinny St Vincent") is magnetizing rocks by simply spinning the flywheel and hanging them off the MRA.

    @CONSTITiTION if by fire you mean electricity (sacred fire), then I agree :)
  • Do you know what happens if you stand under a eight foot of plastic wrap being spooled up? You get sucked up by the static cling, in three seconds, how many layers of plastic wrap are you wrapped in? How long till all that mass comes to a stop so you can be cut free? How would you remove a 8 inch crescent wrench stuck to a MRI magnet? Aluminum and copper wedges do what around magnets? Twisted pairs of ropes give you the leverage.
  • Eight feet wide is the biggest roll you can get from Reynolds wrap. One of my crazy pipe dreams of making a super sized capacitor using two rolls of plastic wrap, two rolls of aluminum foil. And a roll of parchment paper. Then send the five layers thru a rolling heat press, then wrapped under tension on a rod. Not sure how many Farad's that would be. Imagine the forklift you would need to move it :)
    On a side note, do you know what two copper pipes spinning at 10,000 rpms counter rotating does? Lifts magnets.
  • g11 said:

    On a side note, do you know what two copper pipes spinning at 10,000 rpms counter rotating does? Lifts magnets.

    Nice idea about the giant capacitor. lol

    I imagined the copper pipes would create dielectric plane in the middle which in turn creates a magnetic vortex at right angle. One spinning copper pipe was used by Marconi to fabricate "Magnetic Monopoles" out of a strange machine. I've seen it online if anyone is interested, it was said to alter gravity too amongst other things, apparently.

    @g11 what is your idea then of the flywheel? What is it and how does it work?

    I'm also curious about everyone's view of astronomy (space, orbits, etc.)?
  • @CONSTITiTION if by fire you mean electricity (sacred fire), then I agree :)

    Sacred or not.. I was watching "Aussie Gold" series online. They showed holes or wells that were sacred to the Australian Aborigines. They created them over many generations with their cooking fires.. cracking the stones and rounding it out. It then held drinking water for them in the Australian Outback Desert.
  • Google kept typing verification. The fact he was reported only working at night, I seen how humidity acts as a conductor. I also noticed this.

    This is broke into four pieces. They fit together like a puzzle. Now look inside the breaks.

    Notice those white marks caused by the 7kv traveling through the rock via a water line. Which is to say I made a line across the top of the rock with a few drips of water, rock wasn't conductive until the water was used. Even caught plastic on fire using water as a primary conductor. Fumes from burning plastic is bad for you. FYI.
    Green olives with pimentos are interesting using high voltage. Bread dough was interesting as well. Turkey was dead for to long to play Frankenstein.
    Girls hated me in school around thanksgiving. I would pull the tendons in the turkey leg to make the claws move. Rabbit feet weren't really lucky, just lucky I was fast enough to catch the rabbit to eat. I remember a Sioux man teaching me how to spook a horse throwing the rider to the ground by making the horse think it just stepped by a diamond back. Make a long loop with string, place the rattle of a rattle snake midpoint using a larkshead loop. Holding both ends of loop using index fingers, flip the rattle until the line is twisted many times. Now pull it apart and it sounds just like a living rattle snake. A snake is faster on a warm day. Color tells the tail on some snakes from the fakes. Red on yellow. Now with computer's. Red/yellow/black 12 volts yellow (been awhile since looking last) to black, 5 volts red to black, and seven volts yellow to red. Something like that. Switching the PSU input switch was always a fun gag causing a under volt error. Switch it to 240 on a 120 line. Most have no idea the problems having the black wire connected the wrong way. White wire to wide plug, black wire to narrow plug. American standards. Green to ground, which is the same place the white wire goes.
    Years ago a iron worker showed me how to water a six foot circle in the yard. Using a extension cord, a piece of wire, and a long screw driver. You could get every night crawler to come up and out of the earth in that circle when you plug in that black wire to earth. How we would get bait for fishing. One time a cat stepped into that circle and the cat's reaction was funny. Jumped real fast. Then I think how DFG would shock fish to count them in lakes. Anchors a weigh. Aluminum boat using a insulated cable to the anchor. Now the fish belly up when current travels from anchor to boat through the water. I tried once sticking my finger in the water with two plates on each side. Won't do that again. Then I understood how the worms felt. How/Why do they travel up to the surface?
  • edited December 2017
    Is rock ever soft? I guess it depends what type
    Someone mentioned Atlanta Fugiens?

    Emblem 32
    As coral grows under water, and, exposed to air, gets hard, so also the stone
    Someone mentioned before when farmers would dig up wet boulders under the moonlight, the next day would appear larger

  • I wonder if this is the right video. Should be about growing crystals in different solutions.
  • This video above^^^^i think it is a copy of the other post.
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