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Нашло в старой радиостанции странные детальки и цыфры


  • Вот ещё цыфры я незнаком кто писал лет 25 никто в руки не брал Ее

  • Because your speaking Russian, and these are Russian surplus. These are 2kv at 1000mhz.
    Looks like radio equipment, then 45 minutes later I'm still waiting on this page to load. Love unlimited internet.
    I guess I will look again later.
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    Yes, throw it in a translator, we'll get the gist of it.

    Love the heavy duty aspects and sold state construction.

    The symbols on the first pic are particularly intriguing. Can anyone shed any light?

    Would you mind cleaning this up and rotating it 90 to the left? That seems to be whats up.


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    heh Ochen xorosho! :)
    After about 30 years i've seen an old Tesla capacitors again!

    Those caps were produced in Czechoslovakia (the country i am from) and Tesla was a factory producing electronic devices and components. Nikola has no idea about that (unless he's watching) ;)

    This seems to be some kind of a switch and the little schema on it looks almost like Egyptian hieroglyphs :) however it is just a switch internal connections.

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