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Meaning of ED's 1225 words that ARE NOT WORDS.

ED Leedskalnin stated in the beginning of 2 of his 5 works that if you sent him a dollar bill that he would send an "eight thousand word pamphlet". The ONLY work of his close to this count is Magnetic Current. I spent much time creating a database of all his works and come up with 9225 words. My question then is if 1225 words aren't "WORDS".. what are they?
IS there something special about the number 8000 or 1225?

I found at least one answer to this last question in the number of 1225. For thousands of years now the Jews having been "COUNTING THE OMER" (not sure exactly how long the custom has been in practice.. maybe it's many hundred years). The odd thing about that custom is that each day is that day's number of days. SO, if you're on the 13th day of 49.. you actually are on 13 days. Therefore, the total days is sum of 1 to 49..which is 1225. This is a triangular number as Rabbi Ginsburg relates it in the Kabbalah. This number is special as it is also a square number of 35x35. Any square number is also the sum of two triangle numbers.. in this case triangle of 35 plus triangle of 34. Or as EDL states it a "U SHAPE" number of sum 1 to 35 and back to 1 again.

Does anyone else get a different number of words. IF so, can they find ANY meaning in the discrepency.. if any from 8000. Is there a unique way to count words that is indeed 8000? IS it a pure coincidence there is exactly 1225 instances of the letter "U" in Magnetic Current?


  • This shows the sum of 1 to n (from 1 to 100,000), the square root of that sum, and a decimal remainder of 0. In other words, triangular numbers that are perfect squares between 1 and 100,000. There is only 7 results.

  • Notice the 1225 or the sum of 1 to 49 is the same thing as "COUNTING OF THE OMER". Also, notice that 6930 is 9.6 days short of the ancient Metonic Cycle of 6939.6 days... or 19 years. Also, notice that the ONLY number of square sum of consecutive squares if the sum of 1 squared to 24 squared which is 70 squared. This is 4900. Notice above that the 9800 is 2 x 4900.
  • Here is the stats I've got so far for myself of his works:

  • This shows the geometry of EDL's words in MC vs the other 3 works that he said all count together: 1220 and 779. Let's say we find the other 5 words to take MC from 8005 down to 8000.. considered "not words" then find 1 word in the other 3 that is "not a word". We would have a total of 2005 non-words.. 1225 and 780.

    Here is a drawing of it:

    Notice that 2 circles provides an outer circumference total of 4900.. the square of 70. If you take the sum of 1 squared to 24 squared you get 4900 as well.

    Also, notice that the 390 in Hebrew gematria is the value for "HEAVENS".
    Above in this thread you can see the same numbers involving "THE COUNTING OF THE OMER" .. 1225. You also see the 9800 which is 2 x this 4900. Therefore, 9800 would be 4 of these circle's circumferences or 8 semi-circles of 1225.

    A note about the 5 words to get from 8005 in MC to 8000.. there is 1225 U's.. but there is some words that contain more than one "U". There also is 5 words misspelled. Both of these things point to there existing 5 other words that are "non-words". Two of the misspelled words do not contain a "U".. "electrictiy" and "shap". The other question is how to handle the "U.S.A.". I have already subtracted the "U" and counted them as 3 words. If we subtract the other two "S" and "A" then we have :smile:
    1220 words containing QJU
    2 words misspelled without a QJU
    2 words "S" and "A" in "U.S.A".

    This totals to 1224 words.
    We need to find which other one isn't a word.
    The best guess I have at the moment is the word on page 11 below the equator:
    "Dq" which is really "Do" with a line in the "O" making it look like a "Q".

    At the moment, I don't know which "non-word" in the other 3 works to count to make it even 780 non-words.
  • This shows what I'm seeing with the beauty of the Jewish OMER numbers, that I speculate also tie into EDL's "non-word" totals

  • This is ED's numbers that I'm seeing as "NON-WORDS" that are within his "eight thousand word pamphlet" and the other 3 works that he says are to be counted with it:

  • Royal Blue was kind enough to look at the word statistics of EDL's works, as I have done. He let me know this:

    The way in which Ed (and publishers at his time) used to count words was probably not the way in which we count them.

    After learning that Western Tradition was 6 characters including spaces per word, I decided to do quick check as shown here:

    If I use the number of spaces in highlight yellow and include all characters and lines of Magnetic Current, then indeed it comes out exactly 8000 words.

    I'm very grateful to learn this. I'm not going to lie and say I'm not a bit disappointed at hitting another seemingly dead end. This one is a severe blow in many ways to me, but that's the nature of this stuff. I'm a day older, and a tad bit wiser. Thanks Royal.
  • I keep coming back in my head to edm and the semicircle and where he says 'o-tone' the 'o' is clearly a reference to your circles with 1225. Or is it 1224? Did you count MACNETIC or CUPRENT? I believe they are both misspelled.
    Tht fact that edm talks about otone, and on page 29, he says "bow or kneel in a position of atonement" where in other parts he says "o-tone".
    "Bow" or BO in hebrew means
    בוא bow' {bo} a primitive root; TWOT - 212; v AV - come 1435, bring 487, ... in 233, enter 125, go 123, carry 17, ...down 23, pass 13, ...out 12, misc 109; 2577 1) to go in, enter, come, go, come in 1a) (Qal) 1a1) to enter, come in 1a2) to come 1a2a) to come with 1a2b) to come upon, fall or light upon, attack (enemy) 1a2c) to come to pass 1a3) to attain to 1a4) to be enumerated 1a5) to go 1b) (Hiphil) 1b1) to lead in 1b2) to carry in 1b3) to bring in, cause to come in, gather, cause to come, bring near, bring against, bring upon 1b4) to bring to pass 1c) (Hophal) 1c1) to be brought, brought in 1c2) to be introduced, be put

    Gematria: 9

    reminds me of ed's DUCAM, I will lead message.

    I've got lots of ideas on this but I'm getting lost in my morning cloud of thoughts.
    But, take the total of 1224 and divide by ed's 4 works, gives 306. I just ran 306 through bible wheel, and it comes up with 'bow' as in kneel, and also 'atonement'
    Because atonement has 300 for a value, I divided by 300 and 3 as well, and got 4.08 or 408.
    BO or 'come' has a value of 408 in some verses. Drew my eye because the QJU words in ed's edvertisement are 406. 406 shows up as 'rule' and 'year'. It shows up right alongside 'Darkness' or 333, in Gen 1:18.
    I would need more time to make the proper connections and math connections like you can, but I truly believe edm is pointing out the 'light' 'darkness' and count of ed's works, but making clues to 'bow' or BO, also 'Bow' as in archery, which is the same bow used in Gen 9, talking about the rainbow in the clouds. Bo, sometimes has the value of 408, and there are cases where 'holy' also or 'qodesh' seems to go along with the same verses. Qodesh is also 'hallowed' and edm mentions the quarter sphere in the south wall is hollowed out.
    The other thing I saw was 1224/9 or divided by bo, is 136. 136 is the value of 'voice' or 'sound', qowl. Also shows up as 'Day', yowm.
    Long story short, edm knows what youre looking for.
    Bo in hebrew or 'come'
    bow rainbow
    bow to kneel
    bow shape, like a bow and arrow, and your half circle of 333
    and o-tone, pointing to 'voice' or sound see Gen 3:8
    and atonement, again to bow or kneel.
    I gotta get some breakfast before my brain can connect anymore, but if I can read edm, and I can read edm pretty good, I'd say that';s the clues he's giving.
    I strongly feel chapter 4 of edm ties lots of this together, as in ed's 4 works, and how his stone layout pertains to his written works.
    Literally, ed's code is "a walk in the park" like edl tried to show with his tour, and edm tries to show with his maps on pages 84-87. edm also points out on page 19 of ABIEH, the dots "In walk-" or walk in, and below it "stoop over" or bow.
    There's something there, and I think it's worth you revisiting a quick read with some of this in mind. What draws me to hebrew the most, is where he mentions on page 16, ed's border boxes, and 'pops up like a tent'. we know BET is a tent or house, and on page 17 he points out the Gamma in greek, which is in 'By' on ed's covers of MC and MVAL. Of course, alpha, beta, gamma, aleph, bet, gimmel, edm is pointing out the hebrew meaning BET, which is before the Gamma, both alphabetically, and on ed's covers.
    Obviously, edm felt hebrew was more controversial than greek? I can't for the life of me, understand why he would talk about the enigma machine so much, but not mention hebrew. Is it a conflict of interest? I'm gonna say it, but was ed a nazi sympathizer? g11 mentioned quash ju... ed had a nazi setup enigma machine... he was in the communist revolution... i think Dave, you once decoded a message in 'homestead florida' that supports this theory. I won't say what it was, but it was a heil of an interesting message, if it was for real. I'm starting to think it was.
  • "Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts."
    Albert Einstein

    I still think you were right Dave.
    Ed was counting, no pun intended, on those who could see the 'definitive' count and the 'actual' count. Why else would there be, HE SAW QJU DUCAM.
    I think you've found too much for this to be a dead end. But what do you think ed would think? That's the question. Was he a perfectionist? Yes, he said 8000, because by definition, it's an 8000 word book. But by count, as a perfectionist, he knew better.
    You can decide. But I don't think you're willing to just swallow it as a dead end. I'm not.
  • I say ed's code is 'a walk in the park', not just because of edm, but there is a point in the enigma machine, where I 'symbolically' walk through ed's rotating gate. Then a little later, I go by the beds. Again, just what I think edl and edm are getting to, as help.
  • Exactly 8000? Right away 8000 is 20^3. Between the dots on page 5 says 'Now measure each end and you will see. 20 characters.
    I think the fact that ed says 8000, and it seems to be exactly 8000, abut the actual count matches all you found, just builds on ed being a perfectionist. He advertised it as 8000, because it's 8000 by publishing standards. But ed knew it was an estimation. Can you imagine how tedious he had to be to get the exact counts in MC to match all his works? No wonder he spent from 1936, ABIEH, to 1945, MC, before he published any more pamphlets.
  • Out of curiosity... did you check the 'western count' on the other 3 works, and see what they total?
  • Bow, violin string's. Connected to the F hole. I call them tuned ports.potatoes tomatoes. First glance the look the add SS to beginning and end, Squash jewS. I hung out with the American Nazi's when I was younger.only reason the American SS scares me, is knowing they can burn my house down with me in it. I've read the training manuals on how to do it properly. Uncle Sam is a form of Nazi propaganda that the U.S. government pandered. Ever needed money so bad you agree to pander someone's propaganda, even though you know it is BS. I know the us government used the Navajos language because the Nazi's didn't understand it. All those stars of David remind me of Jewish cemeteries.funny Edwards fathers profession.
    If you understand three languages your trilingual.
    If you understand two languages your bilingual.
    If you understand one language your American.

  • Notice the copper pipe in the neck of the bottle. The two iron truck rotors were for whatever make a AM radio buzz around 900 on the dial.

    Do I know how to play this cursed instrument? Nope.
    Do I intend to learn how to? Nope
    Why? Because I planned on seeing what happens when it gets connected to other parts. It has two U's that adjust. To tune the port. I have tried to figure out how each valve reroutes the sound. Lot of twisted pipes. Increasing distance, decreasing distance. Baffles like the cone that goes in the end to mute it. Just like a car, air goes in one end and out the other.
    Baffles in a muffler cancel out the sounds. Straight pipes with expansion pipes(small diameter, large diameter, middle diameter) are very loud. Top fuel is just straight pipes with a slight bend. You can clearly see the fuel is still combusting after it leaves the pipes. Old cars you could route a spark plug to the tail pipe and run the motor rich. Boom boom boom.
    FYI 333 is used by the SS in Illinois. First three of a SS# area they are born. They do recycle number's like currency. The engraving plates have numbers that reveal which plates were used. Most would never see the difference in two different engraver's. I call it a "calling card" or "Maker's Mark" or M&M's for short. Mars Bars.

    Does jet fuel burn in outer space?
    If you add a oxidizer it does.
    Do bells ring in a vacuum?
    Depends, if your looking at it, yes. If your listening, you won't hear a thing.
    A heavy clacker can't swing as fast as a light clacker. The distance the clacker travels is a factor as well. I question things like musik and music, magik and the bible. Ark or arc. Like the arc on a Jacob's ladder. Or Noah's ark (like $2 bill floats in pair's). I know magik falls into three magik,grey magik, and white magik. Grey is deemed the strongest because it uses a mixture of black and white magik spell's.
    Why I was told not to place mirrors with black borders on white wall's. She said "you can see him?" , I replied "almost as well as I can see you." She told me nobody believed her there was a small boy ghost living in her house. Time after time he took me to one bedroom in the house, then to the mirror. Living in a funeral home, I soon understood why we only occupied the upstairs. I know the big brick BBQ wasn't for beef and pork and chicken. Why I would always invite brute's (bullies) over for a BBQ dinner.kill'em & grill'em. Morgan he would make dog food out of you.

    Sugar Honey Iced Tea was a Disney message the children taught me. tHiS Tea Honey Iced Sugar. Hot Tea mixed with iced sugar. Water freezes at below 32° with sugar. And above 32° when mixed with artificial sweeteners. Learned this painful lesson years ago.
    Boss would keep his beer cold in the pop machine. Push the button marked out, and you would get a keystone light. He had me lower the temp on the pop machine and one morning soda was all over the floor. When I opened the machine I discovered only the diet soda had exploded. One can was still sealed but blugding out on both ends. The heat from my hand was enough to increase the pressure to point of rupturing. The whole top blew clean off and hit me in the eye. I was surprised how far soda went. This job is where I learned about master keys. I had one key that opened 80 locks. There was 80 different keys. Actually 160, we had one copy, and the tenant got the other. In case the tenant was lost the key. $25 we would replace it. Costs only a few dollars to cut a key.
    Like my father said, just because he has the key to a car dealership, the key to the bank, doesn't mean he can just take a car and take as much money as he wants.
    There is a error in my statement. Diet soda temp.
    Thank you blue for reminding me how the spiral is the sex of the plant. Egyptian thing. Coupled energy circuits. Rolling stones paint it black.

    He made a mistake by saying Latin verses Hebrew.

    Why is being able to do this desired?

  • Exactly 8000? Right away 8000 is 20^3. Between the dots on page 5 says 'Now measure each end and you will see. 20 characters.
    I think the fact that ed says 8000, and it seems to be exactly 8000, abut the actual count matches all you found, just builds on ed being a perfectionist. He advertised it as 8000, because it's 8000 by publishing standards. But ed knew it was an estimation. Can you imagine how tedious he had to be to get the exact counts in MC to match all his works? No wonder he spent from 1936, ABIEH, to 1945, MC, before he published any more pamphlets.

    Actually, PK, you have made a good point there I forgot. Marlinski's book has his introductory pages as "xi, xii, xii, xiv".. right? And chapter 2 is from pages 11 to 14. Now.. so what does that have to do with 8000? I found it's the only cube that is a sum of 3 consecutive cubes... well.. one of them anyway...can't remember all the particulars now. But you made me remember that.
    11^3+12^3+13^3+14^3 = 20^3

    Hmm...right.. and he does have a 20 character cipher on page 3 and 5 I found.. right. Gotta think on that a bit more. Wonder if Marlinski knew of it as well. I found the cipher relationship between page "xiv" and page "15". I wonder if there is something special about page 20 in EDM's book. I recently have been focusing on the fact that I found the 4 Hebrew directions and WEST is the sum of 11 to 14 or 50. Why I forgot about the cubic relationship.
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