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The carving in door posts of "SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE" numbers 7129 6105195

A new thought occurred to me today after years of contemplating EDL's numbers carved in top of east and bottom of west doorpost of Edward Leedskalnin's 2nd story tower door. Years ago I learned of the Jewish custom of the Mezuzah:
which has a verse from Deuteronomy put in a box on each doorpost.

However, it just occurred to me to wonder if ED actually carved those numbers himself, or if someone else did later.
Is it a coincidence that the only people who have owned the Coral Castle are rich Jewish Businessmen from Chicago?
Could one of them had these carved in the doorposts out of their customs and NOT ED Leedskalnin's?
Is there any surviving evidence that these numbers were there before ED died? It's a big question that goes to whether ED was himself leaning towards Jewish traditions or someone else did.

It also could explain better why someone chose those numbers.. as they are on his Certificate of Naturalization to become a United States Citizen. Anyone who knew of those numbers even after his death could have carved those numbers. I am aware that many Jewish immigrants kept those numbers handy as they were afraid of deportation by J Edgar Hoover back in the 20's and 30's.. but EDL didn't get this certificate until 1946/47. The Red Scare really didn't get off strong until the 1950's as little as I know.

I believe there may be a strong case that ED didn't even carve the numbers himself. I don't know either way. Why I started this thread to see if anyone else has any evidence one way or the other. Sure would suck for the guy who put out a whole website dedicated to the numbers to find out that he didn't even carve them himself... right Jeremy?
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