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Arc and related Diameter

Would you have abilities to recognize mathematical patterns that are geometric in nature? I have some things been rattling round my head for some years.. and recently have pushed it a bit further.. but need someone to synergize ideas with.
Wondering if you have any skills like that.

For instance, the number 1225. I actually determined there is 9225 words in MC. 1225 more than 8000. This 1225 is associated with the "Counting of the Omer" in Hebrew tradition.. where every day of 49 days is worth that days worth of days... 1+2+3,.. to 49. Then comes 50 on a Jubilee year. Now, you guessed it.. sum 1 to 49 is 1225. Add the 50 you have 1275.

I've known this for years. Obviously 1225 is also a perfect square of 35x35.
Ok.. now.. if you sum consecutive squares.. 1^2,2^2,3^2,.. to 24.. you get 4900 or 70x70. Obviously, that is 2 x 35. I've also known this for years.

However, what I just tuned into is the diameter/arc relationship... and particurly with the number 484. I found that this square of 22 is related to both The Heavens and The Earth.. On many different levels actually. Also, the sum of the first 22 primes is 791. If you add 484 and 791.. you get 1275. This is the sum of 1 to 50.. the Jubilee. Now, earth's polar diameter is 7900 miles and equatorial is 7920. Obviously 7910 is in-between.. or 791.

Anyway, before I get too deep into it.. I felt inspired to see if you have any interest in this sort of thing.

There is 2 words in the first verse of the Torah that are called "untranslated" to English.

I'm starting to see these as possibly Alef,Tav.. or 1 to 22... which is in part the 484 and 791. .. and also the 395/396 to 790/792 and 296/188. These are the next things listed in that verse. Also, the vav on the alef tav.. is 6,1,22.. which is interesting that if you add 6 to the Hebrew alphabet 22 you get 28.. the Arabic alphabet total characters.

Anyway, any interest at all? Anyone else?


  • Btw, the last couple days I realized that the other 3 works of EDL's have 779 words that have Q,J, or U. Add that to the 1220 words.. you get 1999. Now.. there is actually 1225 U's.. but 5 words have 2 U's. And there is 5 words misspelled with 2 of them not containing U's. If you look at the 1225 as an arc semi-circle and 779.9x as the diameter.. Then the total is 2005. This could be viewed as the total "non-words" in EDL's 4 works that he says go together. Notice that all of these numbers are related with 2/pi, 1+2/pi, and 1/(1+2/pi). This involves the following terms in Hebrew important:
    "the Light" 333
    "the darkness" 212
    "heaven" 390
    "earth" 291
    "the heavens" 296
    "the earth" 395

    and many more. One word value I found in Hebrew equaling 484 is the word for EGG white. Anyway.
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