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Synchronicity with Eds Paraphernalia

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with freemasonry or any masonic/mystic/occult/whatever organization. I simply observe the artifacts that I find online, and seek correlations between.



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    yup, I should shut up

  • I like your thinking. It all looks pretty familiar to me a bit. Either De'Pew or Stride? Or someone inspired by them? Even reminds me a bit of Charlie in past.
    Not familiar with the Mars/Earth orbit pattern but that's sort of thing I love to learn. I've seen the Venus/Earth pattern involving the 5 pointed star. ...shhhh... don't say that around Poole.....

    I had a curiosity. Any idea why Botticelli mirrored Strength and Wisdom? Maybe he's making the statement that Wisdom is more important than Strength? Or is it the juxtaposition or mirroring of Mercury and Mars?

    By the way, unlike Poole.. I don't have anything to argue with at ALL in what you've presented. You let it speak for itself.. I can totally buy this take as a VERY strong possibility. I had always heard that the star in the crescent was the Morning Star or Venus.. but I never understood what they had to do with each other. That video totally made sense to me. I'm a believer.

    I had always wondered if the "4" on EDL's ABIEH cover by the triangle represented the planetary symbol for Jupiter. It starts to look like that even more with what ideas you present here.

  • Now that I think about it.. I believe I found the answer to my curiosity about the mirroring of Strength and Wisdom pillars from Botticelli to the Masonic Lodge. If you look at it like a triangle of 3 poles.. then depending on which side you're standing at.. will depend on which column you see in the center. duhh...
  • Dude.. PK.. at one point it sounded like you were going to join the Freemasons.. now you have like a hatred for them or something? I was loving the stuff this guy posted... whoever he was. I hope you didn't get this attitude from me. I have no such feelings towards them. Was it you under another pseudonym? I mean.. heck he even called me "constipation".. but he can call me whatever he wants if he can EDucate me in the slightest.

    Maybe it was Charlie.. hit and run...
    That was good stuff though. I love that stuff.. I don't care what org, religion, race, sex, or whatever the person belongs to if he/she can enlighten me in the slightest in what I am seeking.. but don't know what it is yet.

    Man, I say dial it back with the anti-masonry..
  • Like my numbers pyramid. Three people can see two different sets of numbers. You see AB,BC,or CA. From above it is ABC and D is hidden. What did royal blue post that is missing?
  • Agreed, in hindsight, dialing it back to zero is obviously more tactful.
    My opinions of them as a whole has evolved. It went from curiosity, to inquiry, to feeling insulted, to contempt, and now bitterness mixed with indifference.
    There is a part of me that is accepting to what is openly hidden. And like you, the enlightening stuff is truly fascinating to me.
    My attitude stems from the moral and social 'openly hidden' hypocrisy I find in the mason's as a whole. Disclusion without initiation. The open warning/threat of being struck down by your 'brothers' by three mason's tools.
    It's personal, noted, I should just keep it to myself. Will do.
  • Pk,
    Did they turn you down in joining them at some point? I'm not saying you aren't entitled to have your opinion and voice it.. but let me ask you this. If you had joined them and I said those things to you.. wouldn't you be greatly offended that I'm talking about something . ... if right... is between me and my creator.. and if wrong.. just shows your blind hatred/ignorance to something I consider holy or special promise or oath. One person could have pure, holy attitude about his secret oaths.. and the next guy could just be looking for a leg up on life. You can't treat them as one size fits all I'm thinking. That's all I'm saying. The truth is probably hidden somewhere in ALL of the attitudes you've had over time that you say has evolved. Who knows.

    Yeah, good point abc triangle.
    Man, I wish I had downloaded the pics to show you g11.. he had many cool pics that tied into shapes and themes found at Rock Gate. He had a clover leaf pattern baptismal font from ancient times, a mosaic that showed same pattern and he said related to mars/earth orbit pattern. He had many columns throughout the world and times. He equated Ionic, Corinthian, and Doric columns to Strength, Beauty, and Wisdom. He had many pics of things related to grail curves. He had pics in masonic temples, churches, and other places. He related the Mars, Venus, and Mercury to Strength, Beauty, and Wisdom. He related to the 2 crescents in the east wall and to Mars Stone.. didn't mention Kronos or Saturn though. My guess is this is because EDL seemed to relate the Saturn Stone to Earth on his compass by drawing rings around it.. but same pic on his West Iron Door he says "earth". But this totally makes sense..because Mars is to one side of Saturn/Earth ... and then Venus to the other side.. and then mercury.. thus the East Gate is Sun. .. or the Sun Dial.. not sure.

    See, I can Totally buy into this explanation without much hesitation.. but perhaps something will arise later that will shed doubt. But this ALL ties in with my past experiences and studies as well.

    Darnit.. I wish I saved those pics! Thanks anyway Royal Blue. I appreciate your work and effort. Think I'm going to go play with Autocad scale drawing of Rock Gate with this new thought and see what I get.
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    Part of the draw of Masonry is the mystery.
    At first I thought what others did about Masonry
    We all draw from our experiences, mine over time has respect for it.

    People think Masons are all the same, which isn't true, in fact those who are deeper into the arcane works are few and far between

    I wish there were Operative Masons left. They didn't keep records of any sort, except in their creations, for all the hopefuls to see generation after generation

    All for one, one for all!

  • Here is along the lines of what aRBy made me think:

    I see some parallels with this:

    Which makes WAY more sense of the 6 pointed star.. where there is one over the bath tub.. and also there is the hole in the east wall over the throne by the bedroom.. so lotsa stuff adds up here for me. Just not sure if I have it right here yet though. Have to ponder awhile I guess.
  • Notice in my pic above how the Heart shaped table is on the same circle as Mars. That is what went through my mind when first started thinking of what RB proposed. He equated the Crescent of the East with Venus.. but I had a Giza-ologist geometrician look at Rock Gate layout and he keyed in on That heart shape table representing Venus because of the Goddess of Love.

    Notice also the moon fountain juxtaposition.. that also has a hexagram on it:

    Maybe this is a similar phenomenon of the 3 pillars look in different order depending on which side viewed from.. the same would go for planet orbits. The Rosy Cross could have one vantage point and the hexagram of EDL's a different vantage point.. thus a different order.
  • Moon Fountain... and MOON crescent is on the Rosy Cross hexagram?

  • Crescent of the East.......

    Why wasn't it labeled Venus instead of Crescent of the East. Unfortunately the waning crescent can represent many things
    My initial theory was Sirius, and then an eclipsed sun (since the size of it)

    This crescent is a focal point in Eds works
    What is it?
    The oldest reference I could find talks about a Sweet Virgin whose representation was a waning crescent -Britomartis
  • @pk, I have no brothers.

    This will be my last post, this forum is a pit filled with snakes.

    @CONSTITiTION, The earth is the 30 ton block with the square gable on top. Its magnetic field is at right angle with that of the sun. There's a hint to this in the board with hanging tools (the pipe and the bottle).

  • royalblue
    I beg to differ, you have brothers, sisters too I'm sure. You can call me brother anytime, and I would be happy to call you brother as well. But here's the hangup, if you have to take an oath before you consider me brother, then I don't want to be it.
    Otherwise, my fraternity is of man, not of the initiated.
    My venom was not directed at you personally, but toward an organization as a whole.
    Would be a shame to see you go. But I refuse to dignify any veneration of the 'secrets of the initiated'. I was taught to share freely, and unfortunately, the mason's don't share that sentiment.
    But as for brotherhood, I don't need passwords and handshakes to consider someone "brother", who is worthy of sharing with. I'm done sharing my opinion on the subject anyhow.
  • @poughkeepsieblue I'm not affiliated to any masonic organization & I don't want to have anything to do with them. I simply observe their artifacts that I find online.

    I am a simple amateur yogi who believes that the knowledge is all around us, and accessible to those who know how to access it. I personally use observation (particularly of shapes) and concentration/meditation (Samyama).
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