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Did ED Leedskalnin want us to study his NUMBERS?

Was Edward Leedskalnin into math.. and did he leave any clue to that in his writings?

Here is some examples:

Newspaper Advertisement:

Magnetic Base Sound Base:

Geometry problem in Magnetic Current pages 5 and 6:

Has ANYONE ELSE ever took the time to count just how many words are in his Magnetic Current booklet?
If so, did they share it? How did they come up with there ONLY being 8000 words? I get 9224 words... depending on how you count the "word" "U.S.A.". Why would he throw out a number less than how many were there? If it was for advertising purposes.. why didn't he throw out "ten thousand word booklet"? Is there some common magical property in writing back in his day that said to keep a document at 8000 words?.. so he was just saying it's 8000 even though he broke the rule and added 1224 more words?

I'd VERY MUCH like someone such as RL POOLE to show me a "cohesive message" to find out the answers to these riddles without using what he terms "NUMEROLOGY"? Do it without Math? Can you? Does it align to the stars? Is it coded?
I know.. I know.. it's just so darn hard to count them. Believe me.. if anyone knows .. I DO.


  • Speaking of written word characters versus number characters... it occurred to me for the first time today to see if there is any pattern in the number words ED Leedskalnin used in his writings. I went through my word database of all his words and searched each number. I found this:

    The top line is number words EDL uses and the bottom lines is number words he skips. In yellow shows the difference in a 10 digit pattern. However, the "SEVEN" is technically found in the word "SEVENTEEN" that is found twice. So, this word contains both numbers in a way. If you consider one of them to represent 7.. you see a pattern of 9,11to14 and 19,21to24......

    Have no idea what it means.. but I do see that the way this is divides the sum of 1 to 26.. or 361 into half.. 175 and 176. That's quite the coincidence I say. Perhaps this is some sort of cipher alphabet/s.
  • Page 11, ABIEH.
    "count of good looks."
  • This information is not intended for the general public.
    It is for those who like to experiment.

    The number 1224 reminds me of the book of numbers 7:14 where 6/12 appears.2448,3672,4896..will cycle at the same time every so many steps. This is where you will get a peak that is larger than any one of the sounds alone. Nine meets 21 at 63
    The phonographs slowest speed is 33.3. There once was three men who were paid 100 pieces of silver for their labor. When it came time to divide the silver. They all three had equal amounts except that one piece left over. The three decided to give the remainder to the widows son.(the poor)
    Why was the stone rejected?
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