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128 X original Ford model T magneto magnets for sale.

edited December 2017 in Edward Leedskalnin

1.5$ / each. sending from Israel, consider the shipping price.
Contact :


  • What is the cost in us dollars? And how much would it cost to ship them? Little on the rusty side but a little oil should fix that.
  • edited December 2017
    It's 1.5 $ per magnet. Each one is approx. 0.41 Kg (0.9 Lbs).
    I believe 46 pieces could be sent in 40 Lbs. package which will
    cost around 100$ through sea/ground shipment (air shipping is almost
    triple the cost). All the 128 magnets are 115 Lbs. and should
    be shipped in three packages.
  • Are these still for sale? I would like to buy them.. :)
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