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Photoelectric Effect and Quantum Absurdity by Sorin Cosofret

Exerpt from Sorin Cosofret's latest newsletter below...


Motto “Truth never triumphs, but its enemies eventually die”- Max Planck.
The simple question of our times is: How much have to spend an entire society until the enemies of truth dies?
A simple answer is provided in Section V.

The references to some published studies are based on free texts or abstracts found on internet and these may not be the most representative or the primordial ones in a certain area; yet I do not have money to buy some articles which are sold at more than excessive prices (about 40 or even 50 euro per article) so it is possible that some revisions for references are going to be made in the future.

The present newsletter deals with early experiments in PE. The hole-electron mechanism for explaining PE in semiconductors is going to be presented in a future newsletter. Here things are even much simpler. From the perspective of new proposed theory, the entire hole-electron mechanism for conduction in semiconductor cannot be classified as a scientific theory at least!

Section 1 Background and actual explanation

The PE constitutes an important part of the physics curriculum, and general physics textbooks consider it a pillar of quantum theory.

With small variations, the presentation of PE has a quite standard approach in any school manual, university course and even advanced scientific book. There is usually a short historical introduction, where a bit of credit is granted to H. Hertz for the discovery of this effect and then the impossibility of explaining this effect in the frame of wave theory is analyzed. Einstein’s theory for the photoelectric effect comes like a genius inspiration and all the data are fitting into
a quite simple formula….

I suppose there is no need to give references for the present interpretation of PE; a simple search on internet and a plethora of popped up links give enough information to any curios person.

Section 2. Extended Background for PE

It is a pity that entire generations of scientists have truncated and hidden the scientific information available for common readers and transformed the science into a religion. As it will be shown further, based on the already existent information, Einstein theory should have been rejected without many commentaries. In fact the famous paper about quantum idea published in Annalen der Physics cannot be considered a scientific paper neither a heuristic way of seeing the

There are many books printed before 1950 which are now in public domain and most of them are more than interesting and of actuality. The Book Photoelectric Phenomena by Arthur Llewellyn Hughes and Lee Alvin Dubridge, published in 1932 represents a golden mine for the new proposed theory.

From this book, I am going to quote here a part of the first introductory chapter regarding the history of PE and in the next section more information presented there will be discussed too. I should quote and discuss the entire book, but most of the readers are going to get bored to read hundreds of pages at once; anyway most of the topics presented there are going to be discussed in further newsletters.

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